Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

A New Home

...sort of...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit and later Tyr.

Campaign Date, Session 13: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

The party made their way back to the damaged stairs and used a ritual to fix the broken pathway. Once that was done they went to the barred door and quietly unbarred it and opened it slightly. Everyone at the bottom of the stairs were pushed back by the powerful, rotting stink that came from the doorway. Razspark peeked in and took some rubble and tossed it into the room, hitting one of the many shambling undead that walked aimlessly throughout the room. That got their attention and suddenly the mass of undead rushed the door. Tearyn and Razspark barely go tthe door re-barred before the slam of undead bodies within it shook it from the many heavy impacts.

The party quickly retreated up the stairs and debated their next course of action. Razspark leaped into action and began to place chunks of debris on the lower landing so the door wouldn’t be able to open all the way. On his third trip up the stairs the constant banging on the door ceased as the bar snapped and shattered and two of the undead leaped out and up on the stairs, chasing after Razspark immediately. He smashed one back and finished racing up the stairs.

Razspark, Tearyn and Reoth blocked the stairway entrance as the undead creatures raced up the steps in a blur. They charged into the group and were stopped, though as they attacked and drew blood from Razspark and Reoth, there was shock and surprise as they felt their limbs go numb and some paralytic effect gripped them. Realizing the sudden danger of the situation the rest of the group launched into area attacks with Devrak dropping a fireball in the stairwell and Crystaliss raining down acid on the creatures.

It was enough. The undead were charred already and the acid ate through the vulnerable patches exposed by the fire and they fell apart as they tried to finish the climb up the stairs and tried to kill the paralyzed party members. It took moments for the magic acid of Crystaliss bow to finish melting them. Tearyn noticed one untouched and quickly charged it, but slipped in the muck with a slight sizzle as she slid down to crash into it’s legs.

It was like hitting a wall. The creature attacked her and she felt the numbness spread through her body as the creature left bloody gashes across her. Before the creature could finish her off though, it was demolished by other members of the party, with a recovered Reoth launching into the final attacks that left the body of the undead broken and partly scattered around the room.

Once the fight was over, the party quickly searched the ichor stained room and recovered quite a bit of loose coinage, gems, jewelry and even a few obsidian made weapons and boned in good enough shape to be forged into weapons. The party made their way out of the room and backtracked to the other set of stairs and decended to the second underground floor of the temple.

The lower floor was a disappointment in many ways since there was nothing living or undead there. It appeared to be a series of open rooms which were used for burial crypts. Bones were scattered and everything was picked through. Razspark released the spirit he had been carrying and it determined there were many lost spirits here that were beyond its power to call but, but not the power of the Ghost King. It also determined this was the perfect home.

Though there was some debate about that, it was decided the party would march back at a hard pace to get Razspark back on time. A visit to the water elemental was made before the party left and it was determined they could move the water elemental, that they chose to name Serena, and empied out many of their water and liquid containers in order to catpure her essence and move her. She was the gateway to the water they now guarded and owned.

The party hard marched back to Tyr. Having broken the bandit camp previously and scattered them, they weren’t roving groups to worry about and it was still too early for things from the wild to have moved back into the areas the bandits had previously cleared out.

Campaign Date, Session 13: Scorch 29, 190 Kings Age

I ain’t afraid of no ghost…
Once the party arrived in Tyr they split up to handle a multitude of things. Tearyn used her contacts with House Aryan to get together the necessary wagons and animals that would be used to move the ghosts out of the city. Reoth and his Order were in charge of moving the undead and their physical remains as well as their treasures, out of the crypts and into the wagons. The guards Razspark had secured were used to guard the wagons while they were loaded. Crystaliss, Elsha, Zyx and Devrak oversaw the operation and kept their eyes out for trouble.

Razspark only met with the Ghost King to get his curse removed and make sure everyone would be safe moving the undead. He then went and paid for the buildings he had previously checked on and had made prior arrangements with the people working in them. Then he and Tearyn went to the villa next to the Battlehammer Villa and haggled with the owner, purchasing the home for a considerable amount of gold and a long time contract with House Aryan.

They made arrangements with the dDwarves of Clan Battlehammer to retrieve the heartstone door in the ruined temple and to begin construction of tunnels and reinfrcement of the villa once the current residents were moved out. The dwarves were also contracted to reconstruct the warehouse they purchased which was located at the front of Caravan Way by the gate and to tear down the row of businesses and warehouses that Razspark had bought.

Once everything was in place, the caravan with the undead, monks, dwarves, guards and party departed Tyr.

Campaign Date, Session 13: Morrow 18, 190 Kings Age

The devil is in the details
Everyone arrived at the ruins on Morrow 18. It had been a long journey. While there was no trouble from predators or anything of that sort, the heat and sandstorms were bad and slowed down travel. It was closing in on the months of the sun decending and while the sun would become cooler, for awhile the weather would be more volatile.

Everyone went to work right away, moving the undead into their new home. Diggng, burying, moving them into crypts. The smell from some of the containers was enough to make members of the group sick. Chambers were sealed up after they were full with the undead. The dwarves sealed all the obvious entrances and left but one secret entrance into the main temple and inscribed runes and words to denote it was a place of the undead.

Once the undead were buried, hidden and secure the Ghost King appeared to Razspark just after dusk. It was then that Razspark was reminded he would find a bride for the Ghost King and they would keep their promise not to make any war among the living for 100 years. The party was less than pleased with Razspark having agreed to take this task without their knowing.

The part was told that his bride to be was held captive in a tower full of guardians that were very powereful and kept her imprisoned. The Ghost King informed them that she was also a powerful lich. Reoth was very, very displeased at this point and the rest of the party was surprised and unhappy as well. Razspark took it in stride and asked if the Ghost King had any artifacts that would aid them in saving his bride to be.

He offered them a fabled Ring of Power, which would greatly aid them in fighting off the guardians of the tower where she was being held captive. The only problem was, it must be worn by one who is pure, for it has a strong taint of power and will corrupt all, but the most pure have a small chance to resist the effect.

The party had a hard debate with a few of them beliving they would need the ring and others believing they should leave it behind and not accept it. Reoth resisted the most since it appeared that the ring was intended to be worn by him. He finally chose to accept the arguments made.

He put on the ring.



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