Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

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we have a goodbye to say...

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November 2011 and up to the present.

Losing A Player
Most gaming groups experience a range of emotions when a new player joins an ongoing capaign, such as excitement, reservation, or annoyance. That player always has some big shoes to fill to prove they are worth the disruption of the already established group dynamic. How that player establishes themselves through the course of play will set the bar for any other people who wish to join as well, especially if that player turns out to be a great addition to the team. So when a player leaves, how they played will determine whether it’s a celebration they are gone or a huge downer.

Well Nanocyte exceeded all of our expectations. Despite being a total gaming n00b (said with much affection) when it came to D&D we found his addition to our group nothing but positive. Nanocyte played a wizard named Devrak and while he wasn’t with the group very long his contribution was well noticed during many of the combats when he effectively released AoE spells that really made a difference and turned the tide of an encounter from “really difficult” to “can I have a spot of tea while the enemy fling themselves against us uselessly?”.

Nanocyte was our youngest player and a bit on the shy side, especially when put around a big table full of much older and far more pervy adults. While he was often quiet and a little out of his role playing depths for some of our sessions when he had the spotlight on him he shined and acquitted himself as well as any of us could have. We are going to miss him during our sessions and most especially miss his firepower, but we’ll miss his snarky comments and his sharp wit as well. His youth and perspective often worked in his favor when approaching in game problems with unconventional ideas the rest hadn’t considered.

Nanocyte is my best friend’s older child and I’ve known him all his life and watched him grow up into a thoughtful, respectful, intelligent and caring young man. He is going off and out of state to go to college and experience what life has to offer first hand. I have no doubt he is going to acquit himself in real life as well as he has done at our gaming table.

I’m going to miss my nigh-nephew and I believe I can speak for everyone at the gaming table to say they are going to miss you as well. We all wish you nothing but the best things in life and bid you to have fun, thrill in the experience of becoming an independant adult and then immediately regret it and wish you could go back to being a carefree teenager who doesn’t have to worry about anything but good grades HA :)

Our heats go out to my best friend and his family. Some around my table have experienced the “oldest leaving the nest” and know exactly how you feel. The heartache will ease and he won’t be gone always. We live in a great age where telephones and videocam capabilities can help alleviate that a little. Be sure to remember to invite me over to say hi to him when you get him on webcam sometime :)


Nanocyte, we’ll miss you. Keep in touch with us and keep reading the campaign log here and feel free to post in the forums or on the comments.

Blessed be and safe my friend.



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