Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

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...my plus one.

Location: Outside Tyr, Crystaliss’ Farm House

Campaign Date, Session 3: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age

Doctor Livingstone, I presume?
Despite the lateness of the hour, Razspark found himself restless and mildly annoyed that 2 full skins of his broy had been drank by both himself and the party. That little..“IT” had drank half of one alone. He glared at the sleeping halfling as he got up and made his way outside into the rapidly cooling night. He stood, internally debating on leaving to see if he could get help from the friendly guards to obtain more skins of broy. Then he noticed a small shadow of some kind sitting in the distance, at the fence gate. He slowly approached and called out, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The figure didn’t answer him. Nor did the figure even move. He got within striking distance and was better able to determine the figure was a woman. Human or half-elf by appearance and with long dark hair, blown wild due to the wind. She had a series of tattoo’s on her legs and arms as well. She had a long spear resting across her legs and a big grin, her head cocked to the side as he stood before her. He shiverd a bit as he felt her bright blue eyes stare through him for a long moment. Her common was thickly accented. “Your not the owner. Bring the owner.” She bowed her head respectfully and fell silent.

Not entirely sure what to make of this, Razspark did the only thing he really knew how to do when confronted with a situation that didn’t immediately require extreme violence. “You have broy to give me?” The woman chuckled softly in response as she dug into a bag at her side and produced a large skin, “Broy is piss. Drink wine.” she said as she tossed up the skin to Razspark, who never failed in catching a skin of alcohol. “Alright then.” Razspark drawled out as he popped open the stopper and took a long draught of wine. He sputtered for a moment. It was sweet, tasted fresh and had the after flavor of berries. It was so much better than broy or the watered down wine he was used to getting, he couldn’t do anything but grin stupidly as he walked to the house and banged on the door to wake Crystallis, Triel and Shaots (her two friends and primary owners of the farm).

Crystaliss and Razspark made their way back to where the woman sat at the edge of the property. “What is your name?” Crystaliss asked, looking the woman up and down. “Zyx” she replied in her heavily accented common, her head cocked to the side as she looked up at them both from between long banes of dark hair. She grinned, “You’re the owner. Tradition demands your permission to enter your property once the sun has set.” Crystaliss and Razspark looked at one another for a moment. “She gave me wine. Try it.” he muttered, trying to give some to the disapproving Dray. “No thanks.” she pushed the wine back to Razspark and turned her attention back to Zyx. “You may come onto the property. Why are you here?” Zyx got up and gathered her things. “To find all of you, naturally. The Champions who travel with the crystal girl.” That stopped them both in their tracks. Crystaliss knew she shouldn’t know about the girl. Razspark was just amazed some stranger from so far away knew he was the champion and wanted to see him. He thought she was pretty hot too.

The woman followed the two into the barn and up into the party’s temporary camp. While everyone grumbled at being woken up, they were surprised at the stranger who was suddenly thrust into their midst and began to question her extensively, especially about how she knew of Elsha. Everyone settled down and the woman, a half-elf by the slight shape of her ears and angles of her face, began to relate her story. The party really didn’t like any of the woman’s answers, but as she related little personal details of information to each of them, they found they actually did believe the things she told them.

She said she was a wanderer, a shamaness who had been touched by the Elemental Spirits and was their vassal. She was given dreams, visions and portents of prophecies. She had seen each of them; Razspark the Thirsty Champion, Tearyn the Fearless, Crystaliss the Silent, Reoth the Quick and Elsha the Crystalline Woman. The Earth Spirits told her that Elsha was not the last of her people, that some had been trapped by the Dragon King, their life forces trapped and used to power dark magics. Zyx finally explained that she had been sent as a guide to help free the Shardminds because they were important to the Earth Spirits and for the sake of Balance as well.

She did not know what the next step was though. The Spirits were fickle and only gave her parts of the puzzle to see. She was here now, but would have to wait until the Spirits chose to give her more pieces to fit into the whole picture. There was more than one agenda from the Spirits as well, but again, she did not have all the information. Until she did get another vision or dream, all that could be done was to bide time quietly, patiently and draw no unwanted attention.

I got to double back again, double back again…

Campaign Date: Scorch 2, 190 Kings Age

The party debated and finally decided that first things first. Zyx insisted that they must wake Tearyn’s battleaxe. Tearyn thought she was insane, but when Razspark mentioned a good place of power would be the Arena, plans were set in motion. Hours later the party went back to Tyr via the Warrens Gate. Razspark awed the guards and got them to unlock the arena for a few hours, during which Razspark was going to impress his friends (and the guards figured, get laid) with his grand tales. Once they were alone, the work began.

Zyx searched through the arena, chanting and swaying back and forth like a mad woman as she found the place. She inscribed a circle in the sand and many runes and took out various components and other arcane looking bit of equipment from her satchal. Next she drew a smaller circle in the center of the larger one and started a fire within the inner circle. She then announced, “We are ready for the ritual. Place the axe in the center, in the fire I made and join me in the dance. Shed your earthly accoutrements or you will disrupt the ritual.” She then removed her clothing and gear and danced in the outer circle, being careful not to breach the cirle surrounding the fire and battleaxe. She sang and chanted and weaved around and around. Finally, Tearyn and Elsha removed their gear and clothing and did the same, joining in the dance, but not the chanting.

Though it was obviously awkward for them, they both caught on and as they danced the feeling of power built within the circle. A purple-black smoke leaked out of the entire circle and the fire in the center changed to an unearthly yellow-red before there was an implosion and sudden explosion, knocking all but Elsha from the ring. She seemed to absorb the power. Dust blew up everywhere, obscuring a clear view of anything. When everyone had recovered, Zyx went to gear and dress up once again, but Tearyn immediately went to find her battleaxe. She was shocked when instead, she found a short, naked man lying on the ground where her battleaxe landed.

She went up and poked him as he turned over and looked at her confused for a few moments. Tearyn badgered the man, who was very, very good looking, despite his odd solid black eyes. His skin was slightly reddened and his hair was short, bright red and spiked. Everyone looked on, a bit shocked, a bit confused and a bit either…envious or interested. The man, who introduced himself as “Marax, the Demon Wind!” and, “I know you are all completely honored and at my service.” quickly bounded up and proceeded to check out each member of the party, except Elsha, who held no interest for him and Zyx, because he didn’t care for the smell of her “Elemental Spirit Stink”.

Razspark decided he needed to be dressed and after some debate Tearyn gave him one of her small dresses to wear, which he manged to not only fit in, but changed to a very fine set of red silks. Razspark also gave him a partal skin of the wine to which he waved his hand over and drank a healthy draught before handing it back to Razspark, who of course now had to see what he did. Razspark drank the now completely different wine, which was spicy and sweet, but held a strong tang in the afterflavor and reminded one of being in a room with heavy incense burning and the drowsy laziness that slowly over takes one who lingers.

Razspark decided it was the second best wine he had tasted and was glad to learn Marax was able to do that often. Tearyn butted in to still try and figure out where her battleaxe was and Marax finally showed her, spinning around and transforming into her battleaxe once again. She gave him permission to transform back into his humanoid self and he explained his story of who he was and how he came to be.

He was originally Marax, known as the Demon Wind. He was one of the demons involved in the Celestial Wars between the angels and demons that happened shortly after the Primordial War when the gods were defeated and the rules of the world changed. He was killed, but his essence bound to his skull, which was forged into the battleaxe. He was used in the War by the angelic side then, until his bearer was slain and Tearyn’s distant relative found him.

Unfinished Business
While there were more questions, the dawn was fast approaching as the air started to heat up and Razspark said it was time to go, so they wouldn’t get caught. They made their way back to the Warrens Gate. Razspark needed more broy (everyone just sighed and rolled their eyes), Reoth needed to check in with his order, Tearyn had Trade House duties to attend and Zyx was just going to stay along for the ride. Crystaliss would go back with Elsha and keep an eye on her at the farm and in case of trouble.

Crystaliss and Elsha slipped through the gate once again as Razspark awed the guards and completely captivated their attention. Razspark continued to schmooze with the guards, though he found it was a different set than the ones from the day before(a decision Zyx regretted and believed that torture with hot irons would have been less painful). The rest of the party split up into the city and to go on their various errands. Razspark made his farewells and went to wander the markets with Zyx and procure the market spots for Tearyn.

Tearyn left instructions with Razspark to find her a couple of locations in the markets for rent and left him a bit of money and then went to Tyr Headquarters for House Ayran. There she spoke with Guildmaster Haruun. She explained she had a caravan coming in and made the arrangements for setting up in the markets and making sure that she had appropriate resources to ensure the successful sale of the merchandise being brought in to trade and for sale. Haruun worked out all of the details with her regarding the needs of the caravan. Then she bid him a good day and left to find Razspark.

Reoth made his way to the The Order of Shattered Twilight, the compound that had been his home in Tyr for so long. Once there, he waited and was given an audence with the Eldest Master. He caught up on the events that had transpired while he was gone and asked to find out what happened to the missing brothers who had gone to help during the riots. Finally, he was given leave to search the Great Archive to see if there had ever been any recorded information about Elsha’s people, the Shardminds. His search turned up a little information about the people and their innate psionic capabilites becaues one had trained and became a Master before going back to his people. Satisfied, he set out to find Razspark first, before investigating the disappearance of his brothers.

They all met up in Tyr’s Merchant Distrct at the main market and compared notes and decided on their next course of action. First, they went to Exotic Draughts where Razspark tried a variety of exotic drinks and then tried to strike up a deal to sell the Demontouch Wine to Jeros Corval, the owner. He agreed to test-sell the wine and would help be a vendor for it if it sold well, but Razspark would have to come back in two days time. They went back with Tearyn to finish the details of her trade transactions and then went back to the Warrens Gate to speak with Lieutenant Braed about the missing brothers from Reoth’s monastery.

Lieutenant Braed only knew a little bit of what happened, since he was stationed here at the time and so directed them to Captain Zidane, who was in charge of the district. He also wrote a note of introduction for Razspark, in exchange for some blood-signed autographs for the crew who worked the Warrens Gate. The party then headed off to meet Captain Zidane. The note of introduction was enough to get them in to see him. Razspark was delighted to find out that the Captain was also a fan (but then, who wasn’t?).

Captain Zidane knew that the brothers were sent into Under-Tyr because the dead had risen and with the riots going on, the monks were the best equipped to deal with the undead. He knew they had not returned and that the entrance to Under-Tyr they used had a collapsed building on top of it. He was apologetic because he couldn’t help, but would make inquiries to see if anyone else knew anything that might be helpful and would leave word with the Lieutenant stationed at the Warren’s Gate. The party did inquire about entrances to Under-Tyr and Captain Zidane gave them a few locations, but warned them he couldn’t send anyone with them to investigate.

A quick investigation turned up one viable entrance that was locked. Rather than break it, Razspark went back to Lieutenant Braed with the information provided by Captain Zidane and borrowed a skeleton key to get into Under-Tyr. They decided everyone would be needed for this and they left Tyr and rested, finally (extended rest). The entire party returned at nightfall and Razspark unlocked the gate and relocked it behind them so no one could easily follow. They found stairs descending into the darkness and a portcullis blocking their way. Once they had unlocked, they cautiously proceeded into the large chamber of crypts.

The Descent
The chamber was filled with old style crypts, placed head to head and on each side of the room, including a few along the walls. Nothing had been disturbed and so the party headed on to the opposide side of the room and to another portcullis. They unlocked that one as well and when they were struggling to open it, a force passed through the room and suddenly the crypts stirred. Skeletons rose out of each one and with their red glowing eyes, began to assault members of the party with weapons of bone, rock and thick shards of glass. A few even had crude bows they used to fire at the party.

The combat went slowly at first, as the members of the group tried to figure out the best way to spread apart and move aorund the crypts without letting each skeleton get free strikes as they tried to keep from becoming boxed in. Soon enough though, the party hit their stride and started to work together better, with Razspark and Crystaliss focusing on one small group while Tearyn focused on another small group. Reoth moved around like a whirlwind among them and struck, sending broken bones flying about the room. Elsha sent blasts and bolts of psionic energy, disrupting their unholy connection on Athas while Zyx summoned her spirit companion and danced between attacks and using her shamanic power to heal the wounds of the party.

The tide of battle quickly turned on the skeletons and one by one they fell, their unholy energies dispersing and the bones losing the defiling magic that kept them together. The group took a few minutes to attend to their wounds and rest up before performing a search of the crypt. They gathered everything they found together and dispersed it around the party to be carried before they lifted the second portcullis and stepped into the hallway to proceed further into Under-Tyr.



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