Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Gaming Interrupted!

...it happens to us all

Location: Reality

For September and part of October.

What Happened
So! our gaming sessions did acome to an abrupt halt. We had all sorts of things we had to deal with that came up real time for a number of players. It was all very exciting and kept everyone busy, but it really just halted our gaming compeltely.

Reoth and Elsha had a baby and moved into a new house. That all took quite a bit of time for them to deal with and so that was part of why we had stopped. Crystaliss and Razspark also had a number of busy weekends which prevented us from scheduling. The DM got a job and was working obscene hours which left me no time to play or energy to actually do anything when I did have down time.

Well, Reoth and Elsha are moved and settled (we’ve had 1 session in their home since we’ve resumed.) and I’ve changed jobs to something that isn’t killing me. Crystaliss and Razspark still have a crazy weekend schedule, but hey, no one’s perfect! :) and we’ve also added a new player to the group.

We have started to play again and so this campaign site will pick back up. I’ve unfortuantely lost my notes for session 11 and 12 and so I’m going to write them up and they will probably be pretty short and vague. I apologize for that.



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