Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Gaming Interrupted - Part Deux!

...because once wasn't enough!

Location: Reality

November 2011 and up to the present.

What Happened
And yet again, gaming came to an abrupt halt. Everyone had all sorts of things going on. There were new jobs, changing jobs, moving homes, surgeries, crime, stupid nosey neighbors, studying for certification tests, overtime, new pets and other time consuming activities.

It’s been way too busy and way too much has happened to try and go into details with everything that’s gone on with this group. We will have to leave it at my brief summary and just take it on faith that life has again gotten into the way of actually getting together to play.

We have all missed playing and tried to get some session going before now but timing just hasn’t worked out. What can you do when you have a busy life? It can make meeting difficult sometimes and while we have discussed taking the campaign online, it loses quite a bit of the magic that you have when you all meet in person. Of course we might accomplish MORE in each session but ya know…

We have had one partial get together to discuss where we are going to pick up the game. Don’t worry nothing important will be skipped, we’ll just be picking up back in Tyr as the party gets ready to disembark on the next part of it’s jounrey. Their goals will be to get the Bride for the Ghost King and find Elsha’s People.

While it seems like a LOT of time has passed, in game days it really hasn’t been that many overall and the party has a lot going on between their quests and between their other business ventures as Razspark does his bes to ensure the group has a good power base to operate from.

Anyway, the Dark Gods willing, we will get together again soon and have more stories to entertain you with.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.



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