Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

It's Party Time

...who brought the booze?

Location: Under Tyr, The Crawl

Campaign Date, Session 6: Scorch 3, 190 Kings Age (very early morning)

Bugs…Why Did It Have To Be Bugs?
As more of the ankhegs were slain by the party the remaining ones felt a growing desperation of their situation and started spitting geysers of acid at the party. Each member, except Crystaliss who had a resistance to acid, did their best to dodge and duck and use their heavy cloaks for cover and while they were mostly successful, different party members cried out in yelps of pain as acid pelted exposed skin. Combat was furious between the party and the monsters, with both groups exchanging devestating amounts of damage to each other. It was then that the void prison Elsha conjured expired and vanished, freeing the ankhegs who also rushed forward to join in as well.

Elsha focused and blew apart an entire group of the insects. In a whirling displace of blade and hammer, Razspark split the head of one in two and crushed another that was trying to spit acid and watched as it exploded, covering the party in pieces of insect gore. Tearyn, Reoth, Crystaliss, Zyx and the rescued brother. whom had regained consciousnes earlier from Zyxs’ healing spells, finished off the remaining ankhegs in a flurry of spells as well as cuts and stabs from their weapons. Within moments, the last of the creatures were dead and everyone took time to clean off their garments, throw away the destroyed ones, clean and bandaged wounds and readied themselves to travel back to the surface.

A final check on the nearby buildings was made on the way out, but as with all the other buildings and rubble strewn places they searched, they didn’t find anything. Razspark continued to grumble about how there had been absolutely no real spoils of war for any of the battles that had been fought here in Under-Tyr. Chuckles were quickly surpressed so Razspark wouldn’t realize just how amusing he was with his slight temper tantrums. The party made their way out of the underground cavern and back into the tunnel system from before. A lengthy debate between the party members occured on whether they should re-trace their steps or continue north, in order to find the way out. They finally decided to re-trace their steps.

Going Into The Light
After a few hours of walking through the underground, the party made their way back up into the waking city of Tyr. They had made it back just after dawn. Every single one of the party members felt exhausted, grimy and in need of both food and sleep. However, there were many tasks that each of them had to complete first. The party took a few moments to discuss their individual plans and then split up to accomplish their tasks.

Crystaliss, Zyx and Elsha all were escorted by Razspark and gotten through the gate and made their way back to the farm house. Crystaliss took the time to work on the farm and help out, since she had been staying there and had brought guests as well. Zyx and Elsha cleaned up as best they could, ate and Zyx slept while Elsha meditated and kept watch from the loft within the barn.

Reoth and the rescued brother went back to the monestary and sought an audience with the Eldest Master. While waiting, healing aid was given to the wounded brother and both were treated to food, drink and sleeping mats to rest on. When they were granted their audience, the brother went first, telling the story of what happened to the three of them and then Reoth told his story as well. The Eldest Master listened and told them that given the situation, it had worked out very well. There would be a funeral for the slain brothers on the morrow and a ritual cleansing for Reoth.

Tearyn made her way to the Arayn Guildhouse and reported in. The caravan had arrived an hour ago and everything was being set up in the two stalls that had been rented. Tearyn made her way to the first and oversaw everything before going to the second stall and doing the same. Once everything was set up, guards were in place and the traders were prepared, they opened up for the market and began hawking their goods to passers in the streets. Tearyn spent the day going back and forth between both stalls to make sure everything was going smoothly.

Razspark spent some time with the guards at the gate, since that was part of his standard distraction plan and then went to speak to Captain Zidane and explain what happened with the brothers and his lost guards. He also explained what he knew about the undead and that he and his group of friends had a plan to help Tyr by ridding it of the threat in a safe manner. The Captain was grateful of Razspark’s efforts and asked him to keep him updated on his progress and let him know if he needed anything. He said that Razspark was a True Hero of Tyr to care for it’s people so.

Meanwhile, Razspark realized a grevious error the party had overlooked. One of the fallen monks had died in the great crypt and the Ghost King had that soul trapped. He and Marax went back to the tomb and waited for the Ghost King to appear. After a short wait, the ghost appeared and Razspark negotiated with him for the soul. Eventually they agreed that if the Order would accompany the party to the new home they were going to be relocated to, he would release the soul to Razspark so it could be releasted in the temple. Razspark agreed and felt himself empowered with the soul of the monk.

Marax desperately tried to tempt him into turning the soul over to him. “After all,” he insisted, “I’m a demon. I know exactly what to do with the power of a soul. You should just give that to me, it’s dangerous for you to carry it anyway. It could…uncorrupt you some!” but his temptation fell on deaf ears. Razspark and Marax went to the monestary and sought an audience with Reoth, where Razspark explained what he had done. Reoth was not very pleased with the terms of the agreement, but assisted with getting an audience with the Eldest Master, himself and Razspark. Marax was not allowed past the temple courtyard and so Razspark told him to go and find an inn to party at. Marax cackled gleefully, or perhaps wickedly and left so fast Razspark thought he must have teleported. Unfortunately, they were marched off to meet the Eldest Master and he didn’t have time to further regret his decision.

They met with the Eldest Master and explained the current situation. The Eldest Master agreed to the Ghost King’s terms and Razspark released the soul. There was a moment of bright light suffusing the room and it was filled with a great peace for a long moment, before it all faded. The Eldest Master put Reoth in charge of 15 brothers to help when it was time to relocate the undead. They both then left the monestary and met up with Tearyn to inform her of what the current situation was. After that, Reoth went back to the monestary and Razspark went to find Marax. He was careful not to let Tearyn know he gave Marax free run of the city.

The Party
Razspark finally found Marax, he had been quite busy. There was a slight trail of destruction in the market and a number of things had been stolen by a poorly dressed red haired man. Razspark caught up with the guards and bribed them to let him follow up on the investigation. They were more than willing, as long as he returned what he could. Razspark went into The Blue Oasis and saw Marax handing out silk clothing to the girls there, he had a couple of pairs of manacles over his shoulder and a number of other small items like candles, feathers, honey, a whip, rope and more than a few items Razspark had never seen before.

The owner, Radjak, approached Razpsark and explained that the other man, Marax had said that the Great Razspark would cover the expenses. Razspark gave him a small handful of gold and gave him the meat they had recovered from below and had Marax touch the wine kegs set up on the tavern bar. The door was locked and the ‘closed’ sign was placed on the door as the party began. The owner did his best to stay out of the way and made sure the wine and food was provided. He was shocked, appaled and somewhat amazed as the party spilled from room to room and eventually invaded every floor of his place. He did dread the oncoming clean up afterwards.

Campaign Date, Session 6: Scorch 4, 190 Kings Age

A New Dawn
Crystaliss woke to pounding on the main door of the house she shared with her friends on the farm. She realized they would be gone to town already and got up, dressed and answered the door. Before her was a handsome human wearing black silks, with a silver badge pinned on his chest. A cold dread gripped her heart and she knew who he represented instantly. He smiled disarmingly at her and said, “I am Captain Janus of the Shadow Ward. I’d like to speak to you regarding a number of fugitives we believe have been housed on your lands.” Though she denied it and bluffed, hoping he would not see through her deception, she allowed him to search the property.

Elsha had been alerted by the pounding on the door and took a peek. She saw a number of other guard and Shadow Ward standing a bit further back from the man at the door. She activated her telepathy and coordinated with Zyx and Crystaliss. Zyx buried her and the party’s gear under feed, hay and other barn objects and quickly undressed and drew a series of circles in the barn floor. She barely had time to throw together something that looked like a small alter of bones, jump between the circles and begin her chanting and dancing before the barn door was thrown open by the guard designated to search the barn.

It took the guard a moment to stop gawking. Confronted with a beautiful half-elf that was naked and dancing wildly in front of them completely distracted them from their task. It took one of the Shadow Ward soldiers to spur them into action and while they did search the barn, not a single one of them were focused on anything but the woman dancing around the tribal altar. The Shadow Ward asked what she was doing and as she jiggled in front of him, she explainted she was blessing the barn with a fertility ritual. They lingered once they quickly finished their search while Zyx continued her show, but finally the Shadow Ward ushered them out and reluctantly closed the barn door.

Meanwhile Captain Janus searched the house and spoke with Crystaliss. He seemed confident that he was right about her harboring the people they were seeking and said that they had been given the wrong impression. It was true his Shadow Ward were dispatched to keep an eye out for a creature like the crystal girl they saw entering the city, but it wasn’t to arrest or imprison her, it was to invite her to participate in a rite to find her people. Dragon King Kalak had done a great harm to her people in the distant past and King Tithian had recently discovered her people and learned about her. His intention was to make amends as much as he could for that great wrong. He told her that if she happened across the people they were seeking, he would appreciate a meeting and he guaranteed on his word, no one would be arrested or detained. While Crystaliss didn’t believe him, she said she would pass along any messages, if she happened across anyone fitting the crystal girls description. The Shadow Ward and Tyrian Guard departed.

In the mean time Razspark and Marax had left The Blue Oasis and wandered through the market picking up a few things. Razspark dropped Marax back off with Tearyn, who was into her second day running her two trade stalls. He then went to Exotic Draughts and spoke with Jervos about how well the Demontouch Wine sold. Jervos was most pleased with offering such an exotic wine that they negotiated a regular price-per-keg as well as a trade of some of worst or spoiled watered broy or broy he had left. Jeros included that, 5 kegs of it that he had never sold or traded and gave it to Razspark as part of the agreement. Razspark went back to Tearyn and had her summon Marax so he could turn the swill into Demontouch Wine, which he then returned to Jervos and completed the sell, setting up another time in a week to sell more.

Razspark then went to the guards he had bribed and returned a majority of the things that were stolen the day before. Not everything could be returned due to the use and abuse it took at the party. The guards were appreciative, especially with the return of the merchants stolen coin pouches and dispersed to return the stolen merchant goods and money. Each clapped Razspark on the shoulder and agreed, he was destined to be a legend in Tyr. Razspark returned to the farm to finally get some well deserved rest, since he actually hadn’t managed to get any the night before. Unfortunately, Crystaliss, a now dressed Zyx and Elsha informed him of what happened while he was gone. Razspark was truly devestated at this news; he had missed Zyx getting naked again.

Going Where No One Has Gone Before
Razspark and the others discussed a course of action and with that, Razspark left the farm and went to get Reoth. The funeral and cleansing had been done and Reoth was in meditation when Razspark disturbed him. He caught him up on events and they both went back to Tearyn and explained the situation to her and left her instructions should they not return. They were going to meet with Captain Janus. They left her and realized they had no instructions on how to find where the Shadow Ward were housed and so went to the Noble’s Market and wandered around until they noticed they were being followed by a Shadow Ward who was being deliberately obvious. They approached him and explained what they wanted. He didn’t seem surprised at all as he led them, for their very first time, into the Golden City. The ways in and out were all guarded by what appeared to be Tyrian Guard, but they recognized the tale-tell signs they were actually Shadow Ward in disguise.

Nervous, they went with the Shadow Ward and were led to a small man made garden. It was a lush green patch with a small pond of pure, clean water and surrounded by tiny rock gardens, hedges, flowers and even a few trees that granted shade to the benches below them. They were told to wait and did so. A quiet disagreement between the two erupted as Razspark desperately wanted to drink from the pond and then jump in to take a well needed bath. While Reoth agreed that Razspark desperately needed a bath, he didn’t believe this was the time or place to accompish that and forbade him from getting them both killed in any kind of grisly manner. It was only a few more minutes before a man crossed the courtyard and entered the small garden and stood opposite them. Based on the description they got, there was no mistaking this man for being anyone else.

Captain Janus introduced himself and already appeared to know who the members of the party were. He explained that his intelligence gathering had already removed any doubt that they were all involved with the crystal girl. The members of the party were to tell the truth and Captain Janus agreed to respond in kind. He went on to explain that The High Templar could perform a ritual which would cause an attunement in Elsha that would lead her to the people that Dragon King Kalak had imprisoned so long before.

Captin Janus further explained the Shardminds were to be a power source for the Dragon King and were going to be used after his transformation to make him even more powerful then he was already going to become. King Tithian had political hopes that by freeing her people, they would take his side and help stabalize his position as the undisputed ruler of Tyr, or at the very least, agree not to oppose him so they couldn’t be used to topple his new reign.

The deal was, no one was to be arrested if Elsha and the party agreed to assist voluntarirly in this task and as a matter of fact, they would have, His Gratitude and as the person with the most power next to King Tithian, that was no small offer. No doubt King Tithian would be well disposed of gratitude as well. They would be admitted to The High Temple for the ritual to be performed and would be left to their own devices to accomplish their mission and no longer be on the arrest or detain list as well. They would be provided with whatever reasonable resources they might require, including access that might otherwise be restricted. Any reward beyond gratitude would depend on the outcome of the mission.

Captain Janus also wanted a personal meeting between himself and Elsha as well, before the ritual. There were details he would only discuss with her. Reoth and Razspark agreed to the terms and said they would go and make the arrangements and give him the details that day. Razspark also informed the Captain that he was in the works to resolve the night-time wanderings of the loose undead within Tyr. Captain Janus was pleased and told Razspark to let him know if he needed any resources to assist with the matter, as it was slowly becoming a larger issue with citizens quietly vanishing at night. Razpsark said he would and wondered about the pond. He learned it was considered a sacred pond and the water was blessed and pure and as a token, a Templar was dispatched and a wineskin of the pure, sacred water was given to Razspark.

With that, they left the Golden City, collected Tearyn and went back to the farm where everyone was gathered and everything explained and plans for the next step were made.

The Party is now 5th Level



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