Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Kings to Queens

...and down the rabbit hole...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit and later Tyr.

Campaign Date, Session 14: Marrow 18, 190 Kings Age

Here we go again
The party made camp for the night since they had a guaranteed safety from the Ghost King and his minions. Still, Reoth found himself distrusting the guarantee and made his camp outside the general area of the desolate city. The night passed without event and the next morning the party gathered back together and debated what to do next. They had a number of quests and some were pretty time sensitive. In the end they decided they would go to the city of Raam first. It was close, they could re-supply and Razspark had some business there that was important to finishing their plans in Tyr. The party set out and traveled through the scorching heat to the city of Raam. Fate smiled on them as their travel was uneventful in the way of enemies and bad weather.

The party entered a place of utter chaos. Raam, known as the City of Unrest lived up to its name. There was confusion everywhere, even in the market district. With the onset of the hotter months the clamor for water, shading, protective sun balms and clothing were in higher demand then ever and it seemed like every citizen was fighting for any scrap. Tearyn saw great opportunity in the city for future trade while Razspark was busy trying to find the brothel they were supposed to visit. The main thing on his mind was ‘ale and whores’ at this point.

The party made their way through the throngs of people. Elsha and Zyx were tasked with getting supplies and a few rooms for the night in some secure place. Reoth went to his Temple to check in and would be staying there in meditation over his new situation. Tearyn, Marax (in human form), Razspark, Crystaliss and Devrak went to the brothel known as The Velvet Curtain.

The building was opulent in a city that had otherwise, fallen into grave disrepair. It stood 4 stories and was painted and kept up. Obviously this was one industry that was making money. The party entered the building and met a hostess that ushered them to a large table in a dimly lit room. Scantily clad men and women served food and drink. Razspark and Tearyn noted that familiar dwarven handiwork was apparent throughout the structure. Their order was taken, as well as a request to meed Madame Lamont and proffered the letter of introduction. The hostess took the letter and said she would return with a response shortly.

The party had just begun to sample the various wines, meats and cheeses when Madame Lamont and the hostess approached the table. The party engaged her with the details of why they were there and she agreed to show them the place after they had eaten and then would discuss business after the tour. Once the party had eaten, she began the tour of the four floor brothel.

The party was impressed with the organization and layout of the brothel. It was obvious that it had been designed to entice a patron to part with as much money as possible with no thought of the consequences of being broke afterwards. There were scantily clad men and women of many races to provide physical companionship and exotic meats, wines, beers, cheeses and even fruits to tempt palettes. The activities within the private suites were set to a range of tastes from the most tame to the most wildly erotic members of the party had ever seen.

Well, Marax wasn’t that impressed, but he was definitely willing to test the theory to see how it stood up to one of his exotic expectations. Razspark agreed that a test of that variety was necessary in order to get a better “feel” of everything the business would need and give him a wider perspective from various “angles”. Once the business meeting was concluded and the details of Razskark’s brothel were agreed upon, Razspark and Marax met a hostess and went upstairs to begin their detailed inspection of the operation.

Crytaliss, Devrak and Tearyn proceeded downstairs with Madame Lamont’s daughter, Aurora. She was going to be running the new brothel for Razspark in Tyr and teach members of the party the business. After a number of years and for a percentage of the profits, she would return to Raam and take over The Velvet Curtain once her mother retired. Aurora gave them the business end of the tour regarding trade agreements with other vendors and the place of magic in the brothel, since that was a resource the party possessed.

It was late in the evening before they were done. In the meantime, Reoth had finished his meditations for the evening and went to The Velvet Curtain to find members of the party and see what the plans were. He found a practically naked and very drunk Razpsark downstairs, trying to convince him to help him get back upstairs. In an act of either mercy or unbridled irritation he swiftly rendered the drunk Razspark unconscious.

Reoth and Devrak met up with Elsha and Zyx and were heading back to the inn when Zyx once again cried out in pain and as they turned and looked at her expression of “what? AGAIN?” and she fell to the ground unconscious. Elven shadows surrounded them both on the street and along the tops of nearby buildings and they demanded the return of Zyx.

The party responded with an epic level of AoE (Area of Effect) violence. Elsha used her psionics to blast the minds of numerous ones and Devrak spread fire and chaos among the rest. Reoth engaged the caster and leader of their group and taught him new ways he could bend in order to cast spells.

The fight was quick and dirty and the enemy departed as quickly as they appeared, running defeated with yet another vow that this fight was not yet done. The party quickly gathered Zyx up and brought her back to the inn where most of them were staying. Once it was morning they quickly gathered their things and went back to the Blue Oasis to gather up the rest of the party who was there.

After some small manner of confusion at the brothel, they party members gathered back together with their supplies restocked and warned that Aurora would be a week behind them with a caravan of things they would need to get sstarted on Razspark’s brothel in Try. They were expecting everything to be ready for them to go upon their arrival and would expect Razspark to have it ready since the party was leaving ahead of them and would travel faster.

With that, the party set out back home to Tyr to deal with their next operation. The Bride of the Ghost King and Elsha’s People.



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