Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

New Bargins

...and new obligations.

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit

Campaign Date, Session 12: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

The Temple
The party began the slow process of making their way from one room to another in the first floor of the underground temple. They found destroyed room after destroyed room. Collapsed walls blocked progress and took precious time to clear so the party could get through. In the old library and records room, they found their most interesting discovery. It was a secret door buit into the wall. The stone was hardier and heavier than anything the party had seen before. All efforts focused on opening the door. Ultimately, it was Devrak and his Knock ritual that solved the problem.

The secret room revealed a cistern full of brightly glowing water. The inspection of the open door discovered it was made of a rare stone called Heartstone, from the cores of the deepest and oldest mountains. The gears of the door were made of it as well and Razspark took one to show the dwarves the party had befriended.

A closer inspect of the water revealed it to have no bottom and a strong aura of elemental magic. The party had a quick discussion and decided if it was some kind of elemental spirit, they would give it an offering and so they dug out a few of the gems they had and tossed them into the cistern. A few moments later the watter bubbled and a vaguely femninine form flowed up out of the water and spoke to the party.

The party learned it was the keeper of the water. Before all of the water dried out of the nearby lake a cabal of preservers that lived in this town created a pact with the elemental spirit of water to drain the lake and guard it until such a time as it could be put back or used to help heal the land. But only the perservers of the pact could access the water and if the party tried to summon the elemental spirit again without one present, they would be destroyed.

The party left the room to search for any signs of what could be used to convince the elemental they were the new perservers. The party continued to explore the underground of the temple and came to a room that was obviously some kind of torture chamber with deep, dark holes in all four corners of the room. Unfortunately Razspark tripped a magical trigger and four huge shadowy tentacles rose out of the holes and attacked Razspark and everyone at the entrance to the room.

The battle was viscious and the party hurried to get in the room to help out the people already being beaten by the powerful tentacles. The party was able to slowly whittle the tentacles down and destroy them. At the end, only Razspark and Tearyn seemed inclined to go down into the bone covered chamber below and search through the refuse for treasure.

The party found a virtual treasure trove as well. Pulling up large sums of gold, gems and jewelry. They also managed to salvage a few items of obvious magic, which were distributed among the party and a sigil that could be worn and was obviously a preserver amulet to let them communicate with the elemental. Tearyn quickly claimed that, citing that she was a natural trader and the best person to negotiate with, well, pretty much anything living or undead.

The party searched further, noting some of the rooms used for torture and holding prisoners was relatively newer than many other portions of the old temple. In one room they found a boockase that suspiciously undamaged and even lacked dust and debris around it. A check told them there were powerful protective magics on it. Devrak used his dispel magic and it was, once again, powerful enough to dispel the enchantment. They found quite a few old books that contained histories and other information as well as a ritual book that contained the details of the elemental binding pact. Unlike many other binding and summoning rituals this one was designed with a very specific purpose.

There were two paths left in the underground. A stairway they found earlier which directly led to a lower level and another stairway that was demolished and fell into a deep pit that didn’t seem to have a bottom. An enchanted rug in front of the stairway was discovered to have a Magic Mouth warning inscribed on it, saying that great evil undead walked further down. The party decided to come back and deal with that later. They took the rug.

The party then went back to the room with the cistern and water elemental and made further offerings. Once the elemental was summoned, they proceeded to question it on the details of the ritual, responsibilities of the preservers and what they were allowed to do with the water that had been saved. The elemental recognized the amulet and recognized Tearyn as a preserver and answered each question she put forth. Razspark cheered when he found out all the water was theirs to do with as they pleased and immediately began to make plans for it.

An interesting couple of oddities were noticed by the party. Marax didn’t want to be anywhere near the pure source of the water and the elemental and also that the elemental actually spoke to Zyx in a language only Reoth seemed to understand. Zyx related back that the elemental deferred to her and acknowledged her as The Speaker of the Elements and touched by the gift of prophecy.



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