Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Nowhere to Run to Baby!

...but there is some place to hide!

Location: Tyr, The Free City

Campaign Date, Session 2: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age

Barroom Brawl
It was within moments, the battle surged with Tearyn and Razspark on one side and four Tyrian Guard, backed up by Shadow Ward on the other. The other party members were unsure what to do initially, as they didn’t want to draw attention to the table where Elsha was hidden. Reoth hesitated until he could get away from the table and then he sprung into action, noting three of the Shadow Ward were monks as well and seemingly trained in the same style of combat he knew, judging from their stances and motion. Patrons of the bar cleared to the corners in an attempt to get away from the now raging battle between all of the scary people.

The fighting party members were out numbered and the Shadow Ward were easily their match in power and so the combat had quickly turned in favor of the opponents as our heroes took blow after blow from the Tyrian Guard and blast after blast of dark power from the Shadow Ward. It was Razspark who quickly figured out what to do next when a guards sword became jammed in one of the rock supports for the roof. He immediately set to work on weakening the one nearest him and gave a short signal to Crystaliss who figured out what the unspoken plan was. She quickly let Elsha in on it and they ran to the kitchen, with Crystaliss charging the support column nearest the kitchen as well.

There was a great crack and groan and the walls of the tavern shifted as the weight of the roof was suddenly and abruptly placed fully on the walls. The roof splintered in half and started to cave in, giving Tearyn, Razspark and Reoth barely enough time to get into the kitchen door before the roof collapsed in on the tavern area itself. They could hear the screams of fright from the patrons of the bar, a shattering of the window as many obviously exited it and calls from the Shadow Ward leader, barking orders to those unaffected by the collapsed roof.

The Great Escape…sort of
The only exit they discovered in the kitchen was a big window on the south wall and Razspark took no prisoners as he picked Tearyn up and threw her through it to safety. “Damn, I forgot to open it first.” He mused as he kicked out the rest of the shards and followed after her. The rest of the party quickly followed as well. After checking the roof tops nearby and discovering some had Tyrian Guard stationed on them, the party did their best to keep a low profile and ran through the maze of streets and alley ways in an attempt to lose their pursuers.

The Party finally emerged into the chaos of one of the small, lower markets that moves through the Warrens and where they could be easily lost in the crowd. While the party was discussing it’s next move, Tearyn spotted a juggler in the middle of a crowd of people. Her horror and loathing overcome her and she walked up to the juggler, who looked down at her with bright amusement. Tearyn punched the juggler hard in the family jewels. She heard the yelp and watched him collapse on the ground as the crowd was stunned into silence. She headed back to the party, a smile and look of peace on her face.

The party decided it would be best to move on as the act of punching the juggler was likely going to garner too much attention and a possible report to the authorities. The group took time to check out each of the major exits of Tyr. The exits were heavily guarded and everyone was inspected as they entered or left Tyr. Scouting around each exit didn’t reveal any obvious Shadow Ward but the party decided not to risk it and began to check for other ways out of the city.

After a little bit of checking, poking and digging, they discovered that during the riots a section of the wall in the lower Warrens collapsed and was currently acting as a temporary gate until it was repaired. They also learned that citizens who live in the Warrens had been informed to exclusively use this gate while it was operational. The gate itself was smaller than then the main two and has a smaller number of Tyrian Guards stationed there as well. The comings and goings did appear to be the obvious lesser members of the Tyrian society, as the information said.

The party stayed within the shadows of nearby buildings and hatched a plan to start a fire in a nearby abandoned house in order to get the guards to leave their posts and enable them to slip out without being noticed. Reoth believed that not everyone was in danger of being grabbed by the guards. The party decided to see if Crystaliss and Razspark could get out first, so that Crystaliss could make arrangements for them to stay at the farm house she partly owned.

Razspark and Crystaliss made their way to the gate with other party members watching from the shadows nearby. At first, everything appeared to be going smoothly, when suddenly one of the guards shouted out “Razspark! Halt!” both Razspark and Crystaliss stopped and tried to appear relaxed as they prepared to draw their weapons. The guard approached, “By the Dragon King! what a great show you put on in the arena! We are all huge fans of your games. I’ve won quite a bit of silver betting on you.” He grinned widely as the guards gathered around Razpsark to congradulate him. Crystaliss took the opportunity to head out and prepare a place for the rest.

Razspark took the time to schmooze with the guards while the party slipped out without any incident. Razspark also managed to get away with a couple of skins of broy from a nearby tavern, since the guards typically shook down that barkeeper as a rule of thumb. Corruption from top to bottom was rampant and Razspark knew better than to upset any status quo. Razspark spent the afternoon and into the early evening telling stories and recounting fights with the guards until the sun set and he knew he had to get to the party members waiting for him. He begged his leave and then he set off for Crystaliss’ farm house.

Old McDonald had a…
There were quite a few glaring looks as Razspark finally caught up with the rest of the party and started to lead them to the farm house. Only Razspark and Crystaliss actually knew where the farm house was and neither of them had mentioned it before the party split up. As a result, the other members of the party had to hide and wait outside in the hot sun while Razspark partied with the guards in the shade. They were brought to the barn and moved up into the hayloft/feed storage area. This was not the most comfortable spot, but it was insulated against the cold, night wind of the desert.

The farm that Crystaliss had a personal stake in supplied broy to some of the taverns within the city, as well as fresh milk to some of the other vendors. After she spoke with her two friends and partners, the party was allowed hide out there as long as they didn’t cause any trouble or damage anything. While it wasn’t the best of accomidations it did offer shelter from prying eyes.

Now that they had some safe downtime, the new party of heroes shared the broy that Razspark obtained and started getting to know one another better, telling about themselves and how they came to be here in Tyr that day. As they recited their histories and stories Tearyn sliped away and went outside for awhile to see if any of the wandering patrols were on alert for them or had managed to follow them to the farm house.

While she did see a patrol of Tyrian Guards, they either did not notice or did not care about her as they continued to wander along their patrol route. After she finished the skin of broy, she returned to the group to settle in and prepare to get some much needed rest after the battering she took in the fight at the bar. Fortunately, it seemed everyone had the same idea except Razspark, who whined about how everyone drank all his broy.



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