Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Should I Stay

...or should I go?

Location: Tyr & Tyr Valley

Campaign Date, Session 8: Scorch 6, 190 Kings Age

Cockadoodle Erdlu
A soft knock on her door woke her up earlier than expected. Crystallis crawled from her bed and opened her door to be met by her friend Triel.

“I’m sorry to bother you so early, but Shoats and I have a problem that may mean the end of the farm and we think you’re the only one who can help us solve it.”

Crystaliss nodded and told him, “Go on.” How she hated mornings!

Triel explained that they had used all the profits from the farm and their savings to purchase a large herd of Erdlu to expand the business. Unfortunately, the herd had not been delivered on time and when they inquired, the broker they had given their money to told them that none of the heard that was paid for arrived and it was likely the herdsman just took the money and ran. An unfortunate cost of business, but that was all part of what could happen. Triel and Shoats weren’t sure they believed the story and wanted Crystaliss and her friends to check out the broker and see if they could get the truth. A tired and grumpy Crystaliss agreed and went to inform the rest of the party.

As the party woke for the day and made their plans, Crystaliss joined them and explained the request of her friends. The party agreed they would look into it sometime today, after everything else was made ready for the impending ritual that would happen on the next day. Once breakfast was done, the party split with Reoth, Elsha and Zyx going to the temple and Razspark and Tearyn going to see the smith. Crystaliss decided she would stay on the farm that day and keep an eye on things, as well as see what else she could do to help out. Agreed, the party split to handle their errands.

Vision Quest
Reoth, Elsha and Zyx headed to the temple. Zyx seemed fascinated as they entered the temple and were lead to the audience chamber where they waited for the Eldest Master to join them. After a short wait, they were joined by the Eldest Master and Reoth introduced his two friends. Surprisingly, the Eldest Master recognized Elsha as ‘Of The Lost People’ and Zyx as ‘The Speaker of the Elements’. Reoth went on to explain that the First Temple now had a more specific location as the Templar Archive seemed to have some additional information that wasn’t included in the Orders Archive.

Once the meeting was finished with the Eldest Master being informed that Reoth intended to travel to the First Temple and reclaim it in the name of the Order. The group headed out of the temple, though on the way Zyx halted everyone and began to hum quietly and knelt down to run her hands through the sand. She softly chanted as she made her way to the wall and began to run her hands along the surface. She groaned hard and suddenly stood still and stiff. She turned around, her eyes appeared completely white and her voice was hollow and loud and had a strange reverberation within it as she spoke.

“Find that which was lost. Find the temple of your birth. Become the master of the temple.”

She groaned again and collapsed back against the wall as her eyes cleared and became normal once again. “Ah, I hate it when they do that.” she mumbled and stood up unsteadily. Reoth came forward and caught her and she took his arm as he suggested they find a place to sit and drink.

Zyx paused a moment befoer they started to walk, “I have no memory of what I said. I like the dreams and visions better.”

“It’s alright, I don’t know what you said either.” Reoth snarked back to her good naturedly. Then he led them out of the temple and they found their way back to the Happy Dwarf and sat to eat and drink until the rest of their companions caught up.

Mr. Razspark…Part Two
Razspark and Tearyn went to Davers, the dwarven smith that Razspark had commissioned the badges from. He explained he would have them in another day and he showed Razspark the molds that were partly made. Tearyn questioned him about aqueducts and how water was moved from various wells to different shops, the possibilities of unknown wells within Tyr and as to how difficult it would be to pipe water into a shop inside of Tyr from the outside, somewhere. Davers answered each of her questions in turn. Tearyn found herself disappointed with the answers as they seemed to support the best options to be either bring water in via wagon from outside the city or to pay to tap into an existing well.

It was then Razspark noticed a keg in the corner and inquired as to its contents. Davers poured some for Razspark who was totally surprised at the strength of the drink. He learned it was called Dwarven Firewhiskey (or sometimes, Dwarven Firewine, since dwarves were only known to produce it, ale and beer). A new business plan formed n Razspark’s mind and he convinced Davers to allow him to market and sell it, secretly, since dwarves were not known or preferred it known, that they would try and profit off the family traditions of brewing.

Davers had his newphew Bronn show Razspark and Tearyn to the estate he owned in the Noble’s District. The estate appeared well maintained and was walled in and much like the other villa sin the Noble’s District, but once inside, it became obvious it was a death trap to anyone attempting to invade. Many walls and ceilings were collapsable, small safe routes and hidden passages (all dwarf sized) were stratigically placed. Hidden escape routes ouf out of the villa existed as well as a forge area, a vault of weapons and armors and a very complex set for brewing their whiskey, ale and beer. Razspark arranged for samples to be sent to the farm.

Armed with new information and ideas Razspark left the villa to talk to Davers again and to also visit Jeros and work out some additional details of their arrangement. Tearyn was somewhat taken with the handsome and well build Bronn and stayed at the villa for a further tour of the dwarven sized areas that Razspark couldn’t squeeze into. The flirting between the two as also quite a bit more than Razspark could stomach without drinking substantial quantities of the firewhiskey or something equally as strong. He idly wondered if Zyx was dancing naked somewhere. That thought seem to comfort him while he made his way back.

Once he had met again with Davers (and finally learned that Davers first name was Davisbraugh) and Jeros and worked out the details of a shared contract of the selling not only the firewhiskey, but also a beer that Daver’s other nephew brewed there. Jeros also arranged a deal to help Razspark with rare cheese and a way to fill his brothel with willing women of all races, men too if he was so interested. Jeros also gave Razspark a letter of introduction to Madame Jazina, so he could see how she ran her business in Raam.

Those tasks complete, Razspark went to see Kastille concerning the purchase of property from the city to set up his new business. The meeting went very well and Kastille was able to identify 5 businesses in a row, a street on each side, that would suit the purposes of Razspark perfectly. Despite some initial reluctance, Kastille eventually shared information on who was renting each of those properties and what businesses were currently operating.

Razspark’s next stop was at the entrance to the Golden City, as he petitioned and waited to see the Minister of the Arena games. He had a short wait before he was brought to the Minister, who still remembered Razspark in his last fight. Razspark laid out his proposals and ideas regarding the undead and the games. The minister told him to write up two formal proposals for his ideas and he would submit them in the next council session. Razspark agreed to have two propsals written and brought to him within a day.

Razspark then went to each of the businesses in turn and met the owners. Through persusasion and smart business offers, each owner agreed to not only to let Razspark buy out their business, but also agreed to come to work for him once he had the properties rebuilt to the type of business he was going to open. Razspark found himself a business manager and clothier, a amateur brewer and low-end weaponsmith, a cook, an import/export expert and a storage manager.

To the victor…
Now that all of his paper pushing business was complete, he went to the Happy Dwarf and found his companions waiting patiently. They bought a few rounds of drinks and also some food and caught up on what stage all their various activities were currently in. They also made some initial plans on what they were going to do next, including the upcoming ritual that Elsha would have to participate in on the next day. Finally, they left and went back to the farm to get Crystaliss so they could meet the broker that had scammed Triel and Shoats.

They traveled a few hours out of Tyr and found the ranch that was owned by the broker. They could see the various herds of Erdlu. The party approached the house and contacted the ranch owner. There was immediate dislike between the party and the ranch owner and the hint of threats. The party did learn a half giant by the name of Thrule ran a group of bandits out in the wastes and was the likely culprit of the stolen herds. There were actually 3 herds stolen. The ranch owner simply counted them as unrecoverable and a standard loss that happens in the business. They party was not receptive to the idea and left the ranch owner and began to make plans of their own to recover the missing herds.

Night had begun to fall as the party started on their way back to the farm. After a short while their journey was interrupted by lightning-quick thwipping sounds and a cry of pain as Zyx collapsed. There were four dark arrow shafts sticking out of her. Each arrow had a silvered feather in the fletching. Moments later, as if materializing out of the darkness, the party was surrounded by a dozen deset clad men. All wore darker colors and when one spoke, the party quickly realized these were not men, but elves.

They identified themselves as from the Silver Hand tribe and that they wanted Zyx for high crimes against their leader. She had a high price on her head for her capture and return. The party declined to return her and a few of the elves seemed to vaish back into the darkness while the rest attacked the party with poisoned arrows and blades. Razspark pressed his hand to the cold urn he carried and summoned the wraith that the Ghost King had loaned to him and ordered him to help defend the party.

The fight was very quick and brutal, with the elves firing more arrows into the already unconscious Zyx in an attempt to kill her outright. Elsha banished Zyx into a Void Prison to keep her safe for the moment as the combat raged around her. Wounded party members found themselves dizzy from the poison on the enemies weapons, but with the soul-taking wraith and Elsha’s area affecting psionic blasts the assasins were quickly defeated. The few survivors fled.

The party bandaged themselves up and did their best to take care of Zyx. They carried her back to the farm and nursed her back to consciousness, at which point she was able to use her magics to heal herself and the worst wounded of the party. She explained how she had hurt the tribal chief and that she had been on the run ever since, though she hadn’t seen or heard from them in so long, she had hoped they had moved on.

With nothing left to do, the party bedded down for the night.



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