Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Still On Hiatus

...because someone has to be.

Location: Reality

February 2013 and up to the present.

We never did get started again once we had that long interruption and then lost a player (who, coincidentally enough may be coming back to our local city. We don’t know yet when or if he will return to gaming, providing WE actually game again.

We’ve got another child coming along the way, one player who had a big health issue (though it is now better, much like how being turned into a Newt gets better).

There’s a whole new version of D&D coming out too. Some of my players aren’t so happy with 4th Edition overall, especially with how long some of the combats take. We have tried a variety of methods to speed them up, but they all only work so so.

So there is some debate about waiting for that or trying to use the playtest material to continue or even swapping systems. We are also considering a move to taking our game to a virtual table top and playing online. There has also been some question of moving to Google Docs as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide a long overdue update. Everyone is still alive and just extremely busy.



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