Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Strange Meetings

...and strange bedfellows

Location: Tyr, The Free City

Campaign Start Date, Session 1: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age
(Year of Priest’s Defiance, first day after the 5 day Festival of the Highest Sun)

Setting of the Stage
Razspark, Crystaliss and Tearyn made their way back into Tyr the next morning after the epic “battle” between Razspark and Tearyn (detailed further in their individual backgrounds). The party spent the first part of the morning in the markets to restock, have equipment maintained and to replenish their supplies.

Needing more broy (fermented milk) for Razspark and food as well for the rest of the party, they decided to find their way to one of the local taverns and sought one at the edge of the Warrens, since the more disreputable establishments were likely to be there. There were still areas of disquiet within the city, despite all the attempts to regain order and control. Even resumption the gladatorial games for the Highest Sun Festival only calmed the populace temporarily. Many of the city enforcers were still overzelous in doing their jobs and it was still best to just avoid any area they might be keeping their eyes on.

It wasn’t long before they found The Empty Bladder, a rather seedy tavern at the edge of the Warrens. The place was pretty ramshackle and the wenches had definitely seen better days, as had the bartender. The party found a place near the bar and sat down to drink and to discuss some possible plans for the future. Razspark was gracious in letting Tearyn buy a series of drinks to help nurse his wounded pride after losing in personal combat to her (admittedly, he was in pretty bad shape between his arena beatings and the celebrating he had already done), despite being a skilled and highly regarded Champion of the Arena who had just won his freedom in the very Festival that had just passed.

They hadn’t been celebrating long when two individuals hurried into the tavern. While people entering abrupty into a tavern is a pretty normal event and usually causes at least some of the patrons to quiet and look up, these two drew attention beyond what was typical. They looked harried and dirty, as though they had just come from the deserts. The crimson sands were still falling from the creases of their clothes. While the one stranger appeared to be a normal human, the other stranger was not. It was this stranger that caught everyone’s attention and most especially that of Tearyn’s. The second stranger was discolored and bore no soft skin, but actually appeared to be made of living crystal. Tearyn, completely undaunted by the appearance of a humanoid type she had never encountered before, approached and asked “What are you? You’re so…intersting!”.

The two hesitantly introduced themselves as Reoth and Elsha and explained how they had come back to see what the aftermath of the Dragon King’s death was. As it turns out, once they entered the city they drew the attention of the Shadow Ward and had attempted to lose them, but believed they were unsuccessful and now needed some help to hide and possibly find another way out of the city to escape. Elsha confirmed she was made of living crystal, but had been imprisoned until recently and knew nothing of what had happened during the time she was imprisoned. Figuring there was either profit to be made or new companions to be had, Tearyn invited them to the table with the rest of the party and introduced them. The party quickly accepted the strangers and provided Elsha with some additional clothes and materials to try and hide her presence better from the various onlookers.

The Confrontation
A discussion of what to do next was rudely interrupted when only moments later when someone else abruptly entered the tavern. Everyone still looked up and got quiet. This person was well dressed in shades of tan and grays and bore a silver badge he flashed from an amulet around his neck. The badge identified him as one of the Shadow Ward. The Shadow Ward stood and materialized a dark blade in his hand. The blade was ebony black and had small swirling pinpoints of silver dancing along the shadowy edge. He spoke firmly and powerfully, a man used to commanding others. “Turn over the fugitives now and all shall be left in peace.”

As the saying goes, silence is loud. The Shadow Ward were scary, but in a they-will-come-get-you-at-night way, while the Arena Champion Razspark, who had welcomed the fugitives, was far scarier in a I’ve-seen-you-rip-bodies-apart-while-roaring-lionlike-and-spatter-blood-everywhere-in-the-area way. Put between a rock and a hard place, the tavern patrons did the only thing they could do since the only exit was blocked. They put their heads down, whispered and tried to pretend they had no idea what was going on and prayed to any being that would listen, to please make the whole situation go away before they were killed.

Tearyn, seeing the situation could only get worse from here, decided to provide another point of distraction and went to confront the Shadow Ward agent. “Who are you?” she asked, “What fugitives?” she prodded, “What did they do to break the law?” she pushed. She accepted none of his brush-off’s or his answers and kept pushing and prodding until he told her to get back or he’d have her arrested. Tearyn decided not to push further and went to the bar, instead of the table. Razspark quickly joined her.

Though the Shadow Ward agent knew he could detain and arrest her, Razspark’s presence gave him pause. He was a fan of the Arena as well, after all in Tyr, who wasn’t? He decided it was time to bring in back up and left for a moment to bring in 3 other Shadow Ward and 4 of the Tyrian Guard. Once back inside and blocking the exit, he had the guards placed between him and the gladiator and halfling. He once again, demanded the surrender of the fugitives. This time the bar patrons cleared out to the sides of the bars, hugging the tables along the walls. They knew what was going to happen now.

Tearyn knew this wasn’t going to end well and decided the only thing to do was antagonize the Shadow Ward and Tyrian Guards further, until some kind of plan of action could be made. The insults and words quickly degenerated into a command of arrest. Patrons huddled against the walls now, not wanting to accidently catch the attention of anyone and end up in the stockade. Weapons materialized in the hands of the Shadow Ward, Tyrian Guard drew their swords and 3 of the Shadow Ward slid into combat stances and held their hands in a ready position. Just as the bartender was about to give up the location of the fugitives, one of the Tyrian Guards made a move to arrest Tearyn, who stuck back, causing Razspark to get involved as the whole scene suddenly degenerated into combat.



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