Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

The Long Way Home

...there and back again...and again...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit

Campaign Date, Session 11: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

A New Addition
Tearyn and Zyx made their way to Raam. Despite the heat and sandstorm, they faced no othe challenges. Once in the chaos that is Raam they quickly contacted the local chapter of House Ayran to help get them set up with a spot in the local market and in getting their goods sold. The entire trip was very anticlimactic, at least up to this point. It was on their last day in Raam, when they were setting out to the Delnar Ruins to meet up with the rest of the party, something strange happened.

The crowds of people along the street scattered as a ragged looking elf raced down, a trail of fire and explosions happening behind him. A tall, lanky older man followed behind screaming, “You aren’t going to get away from me you thief. After I took you in! I’m gonna take you out!” he hissed and leveled a wand at the elf and it fired a stream of purple-blue bolts of energy at the lf, striking him in a pattern across his back and slinging him down, skidding past Tearyn and Zyx. “I’ve got you now thief!” hissed the man as he closed in.

Tearyn stepped beetween the wand crazy mage and the wounded elf on the ground and demaned to know why he was openly attacking this elf and endangering her and everyone else. The mad wizard explained, but it wasn’t enough for Tearyn and she challenged him, sending Marax into a flurry of attacks that caught the wizard off guard. It was over in moments as the wizard faded away with an omnious threat to return to get revenge on both the elf and her. Marax and Tearyn remained unimpressed.

The elf introduced himself as Devrak. He was the apprentice to the mad wizard who was also a Defiler. He had gotten tired of the abuse and feared what might become of him the further he got in his studies. He finally took the supplies he felt he had earned and feld. Unfortunately, his ex-mentor didn’t see it that way and came after him. Low on supplies and this being the only city nearby he came here and hoped to elude him in the crowds, but apparently he didn’t do a very good job of it.

Tearyn decided to bring the apprentice wizard along, after all, they were about to go to an abandoned village with all sorts of nasty creatures and traps, a wizard might come in handy and this one not only had no place to go, but was also on the run. Really, he’d make a perfect addition to the party, or a nice dinner if things go as well as she was hoping. They set out for the site that day, in case that mad wizard was still lurking around.

Meanwhile, the rest of the part had returned to Tyr. They traveled as fast as they could and returned the stolen animals to the farmers and kept a few for Crystaliss’ friends. once that was done, they turned and headed back out, straight for the ruins since they had a much longer travel time. They ran themselves ragged through the heat and sandstorms, but fortunately with the breaking of the bandit camp there wasn’t anything more dangerous to impede their progress.

A New Home
Both teams of the part arrived on the same day to the site and spent the rest of the day carefully scouting it out. Everyone was introduced to the new party member and accepted him openly. The party itself hadn’t been together that long and so was still open to the possiblity of a new member. A few of his rituals turned out to be very helpful with the scouting of the small, ruined town.

After scouting the town and not finding anything obviously dangerous or alive the party made it’s way into the town. Many buildings were totally collapsed and many were only partially standing. The sand had buried many of them quite deeply as it struggled to reclaim this piece of land. The main temple seemd to be in the best shape, due to the partial walls around it. So the party decided to begin there.

The Old Temple
The main doors were petrified wood and quite well stuck, but after a bit of struggle they were able to open the doors and make their way down the partly sand-covered stairway. Inside the center of the room and on a pedastal was a very tall statue. Having a wizard made it easy to verify there was magic in the room, but nothing obvious as far as traps went which might activate the stone statue.

In the room there was a door on the opposite side and two passages on each other side, though one was partially collapsed. When Razspark and Tearyn tried to force open the door, there was the sound of stone grinding on stone and suddenly the rock guardian came to life and attacked the party.

The fight was brutal. Most of the attacks the party did was simply not enough to crack or damage the stone skin of the guardian. Even Elsha’s powerful mental magics seemed to slide off of it since it had no sentience of its own. However the spells of Devrak seemed to score quite a bit of damage against it and the party did their best to impede it and keep him clear so he could continue to make major strikes of damage against it while everyone else chipped away.

And then the second one joined the fray. Devrak took a chance and tried to dispel the magic that animated the second one and was successful. The rest of the party was finally able to expoit the damage that Devrak had infliced on the first one and they managed to rend it into large pieces.

Taking a moment to catch their breath, the party took care of it’s wounds and searched for anything valuable the statues might have in their bases or in any of the chunks of stone. Razspark was very disappointed when nothing was found. The party decided to break and eat, drink and recuperate before going further. None of them had ever encountered anything like these before and it made them feel very cautious about going deeper.

And Razpsark was still on his timed schedule.



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