Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

The Ritual

...sounds omnious...

Location: The Golden City

Campaign Date, Session 9: Scorch 7, 190 Kings Age

Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war)
The party got together over breakfast at the farm house and made sure they had their plans and were coordinated in case anything went wrong. During this discussion Razspark and Reoth got into a rather heated debate as the plans for the undead and the arena, prisoners and moving them to a new location as the whole plan was finally unveiled to the party. While no one was especially happy, Reoth immediately launched into a strong disagreement with Razspark regarding the Ghost King and Razspark’s plan to make money with them. While Razspark took the discussion to heart and considered a change in plans, he ultimately decided it was too late to back out now and thought it best to finish the arrangements he had already put into place and then just avoid doing any further work with them in the future. Reoth was less than pleased, but grudgingly accepted that Razspark at least took his words seriously.

After breakfast and the discussion Reoth and Elsha left to go to the Golden City to prepare for a long day at the temple for the cleansing and the long-awaited ritual. Zyx, Tearyn and Razspark went into the city to finish up a variety of loose ends involving the various business transactions and obtaining components for some weapon upgrades. Crystaliss stayed on the farm to keep watch on things and help her friends with a variety of tasks.

This session involved a lot of OOC discussion and planning in preparation to deal with Elsha and finding her people, hunting Thrule and his gang, dealing with the assassins, upgrading magic items, tying up other loose ends, going to Raam, etc. As such, actual in game play was somewhat short.

The Cleansing & Ritual
Reoth and Elsha were admitted into the Golden City and escorted to the small oasis that they had visited on their other trips there before. Captain Jannus was waiting with a Templar. He explained Elsha was to go with the Templar and Reoth could wait here and should he need anything, he just had to go to the gate guards and let them know. The captain bid them farewell and Elsha, the Templar and Captain Jannus all left. Reoth laid out a number of components, his meditation rug, some incense, oils and removed his hand-wraps. He began a long meditation and focus of his energies and directed them into the wraps. A part of him, still alert to the world around him, in case Elsha was in danger.

Inside, Elsha was led to a small chamber with other Templars. She removed her gear and clothing and put everything within a chest that was then secured. She was led to a small pool where she was bathed and purified with pure water and chants. She was then led to another room where she was dried and Templars used some kind of chalks to draw many symbols and sigils all across her crystaline body. Some she recognized, others she did not. She was then bathed in some kind of scented oil and led to another room where she was instructed to meditate to help clense her spirit.

After many hours had passed, she was told to rise and come with them for the ritual. She was led to a large chamber with a mystic circle drawn in the center and was told to sit inside it. Once she was in place, Templars took up spots at various places on the outside of the circle and began to chant. She could feel prickle of mystic energies surround her as the ritual commenced. Elsha felt the energies suffuse her body and saw the symbols and sigils slowly fade as magic was interwoven with her essence. She had the odd sense of being trapped in crystal and only able to see the blurry images of others. She felt her spiritual self stretched and changed and a new innate sense of direction filling her head. Weak and dizzy, she was led out of the circle at the conclusion of the ritual and bathed once again and then allowed to dress and reclaim her gear before she was led outside to meet the waiting Reoth. The two headed back to the farm, as that was where everyone should be.

Crystaliss took the day to help work on the farm she partly owned. It had turned out to be more of a commitment than she had originally intended for it to, but by the same token, it had also turned out to be a very good base of operations for the party. By sheer luck, they had still been to help with the missing herd of Erdlu. Hopefully some of the herd still remained alive. She spent a long, hard day doing repairs and assisting her friends with the transport of their good to and from the markets and vendors the supported.

Razspark, Tearyn and Zyx
The first stop was to the smith to pick up the badges. They were complete and turned over to Razspark, with a small handful of coins that turned out to be an overage on the gems. It was then Razspark inquired about a new weapon. After a little discussion Davers, Bronn, Tearyn and Tearyn went to Villa Battlehammer. Zyx left to get the components necessary to do magical empowerment and transfer rituals.

Razspark and Davers went into the vaults and tried a number of different weapons before selecting a large two-handed hammer-axe. They proceeded to the sparring arena and sparred each other with various techniques. Though Razspark was “barely” trounced in each match, they determined he was far, far more effective with the hammer-axe than the dual weapons he was previously using.

Once the sparring was out of the way, Davers took measurements in order to resize the hammer-axe for Razspark. Razspark was shocked when he found out that Davers was going to give him the metal weapon, for his oath to Clan Battlehammer. He gave it without hesitation. Then there was much drinking and partying between them with a tour of the brewing facilities that were in the planning stages for the upcoming expansion.

Tearyn and Bronn slipped off and relaxed in one of the upper rooms of the villa. The room was designed to catch the cross breezes from the fans that were placed throughout the villa and was surprisingly cool, even in the heat of the day. They chatted and watched the sparring match while sampling the latest batches of the beer, ale and fire-whiskey. Marax begged to be let out, but Tearyn steadfastly refused since she didn’t trust what might happen should he and Razspark manage get out of the villa.

Razspark went to visit the Captain and the Lieutenant of the Warren’s Quarter to see if they could shed some light on the bandits in the surrounding area, especially any led by a half-giant. While they were unable to help, they directed him to the bard named Lucian who was at The Golden Inix Inn. Razspark made his way there and found the bard. He offered a variety of drinks in payment for information on their general location and strength of their gang.

Razspark had one last errand to run and he visited the Ghost King and brought the badges, which were enchanted after a short ritual. He told the Ghost King the latest developments and said that they would soon have everything in place and all agreements would be fullfilled. Then the Ghost King surprised him by informing him that wasn’t entirely true. He would negotiate one more task, because a King could not rule without a Queen.

Zyx left and obtained the components she would need to perform some rituals she would need to strengthen the magic of the weapons within the party. A feeling of unease slowly settled on her and made her feel as though she were being followed. She went to the Golden City and spoke to one of the Gate Guards. She requested a Shadow Ward escort for the day from Captain Jannus, explaining that for the party to be truly ready to be of service to Tyr, there were things she needed to do and they couldn’t leave her with an escort to get them done. She also explained about the unprovoked elven bandit attack. Jannus assigned a guard to her and she was able to complete her day shopping at the various markets with no difficulties.

Power Up!
Razspark and Davers went back to the smithy and met Zyx, who prepared to perform the rituals necessary to enchant Razspark’s new weapon. Davers reforged the weapon with Razsparks help while Zyx preformed the necessary rituals. Razspark cringed a little as his old weapons were consumed and turned into residuum. His only consolation in the entire matter, other than getting a shiny metal weapon, was that Zyx performed the rituals completely naked. He silently thanked whatever elemental powers made that the rule.

It was late by the time everyone, except Elsha and Reoth returned to the farm. Everyone else bedded down for the night and slept through until the next day. The morning routine was the same, with breakfast and then waiting for the return of Reoth and Elsha. Everyone pitched in around the farm for a few hours before the two party members finally returned around noon.

Elsha related her tale of the ritual and explained how she could feel a slight throb and sense of direction she felt she needed to go to find her people. The party had a quick discussion and decided they would first look for Thrule and the gang of bandits since the stolen herd was likely to be sold or killed quickly.

Without further adieu, the part set forth.

The party is now Level 6.



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