Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

The Spirit Champions

...our cast of ragtag wanna be heroes.

Here is our cast of characters. This list will include PC’s and any NPC that plays any kind of impotant role in the campaign.

Tearyn is a Halfling Battlemind from the Forest Ridge area and trained as a journeyman Dune Trader with House Ayran since it was apparent she wouldn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps as a druid. She is the team’s primary tank and wields a Legacy battleaxe. She’s smart and disciplined, tough and confrontational.
Razspark is a Human Barbarian who was from a nameless village in the wastes of the Tyr region. He was enslaved and trained as a gladiator to fight in the arenas. He succeeded in the arenas and just won his freedom, leaving Tyr buzzing with his victory. He wears a Legacy duster in lieu of a cloak. He’s tough and has a very unique point of view and drinks alcohol like it’s rarer than water.
Reoth is a Human Monk who lives in a small monestary within the walls of Tyr. He was a prodigy and reached journeyman at a young age. He left Tyr before the Fall of the Dragon King, not wishing to be involved. He discovered Elsha and they became fast friends. He wears Legacy handwraps. He’s smart and tatical, inquisitive and subtly dangerous.

Elsha is a Shardmind Psion. She was imprisoned over 1000 years ago and was freed when the Dragon King was slain. Reoth found her, helped her and befriended her and they started traveling togther. She has a Legacy staff she forms from her own body. She is a bit shy and curious as to what happened to her people and she is equally worried for her own safety.

Crystaliss is a Dragonborn (Dray) Slayer from a nameless village long the Scrub Plains. She is both a melee and ranged striker for the party and has a standing companionship with Razspark. She uses a Legacy bow. She is quiet and usually has very little to say, but supports the team without hesitation.

Zyx (NPC) is a Half-Elven Shamaness and was born to a wandering tribe under a number of omens. Her Legacy is having been touched by the Elemental Spirits and been given visions and dreams and a prophecy. She sought out the potential champtions to help guide them. She is smart and blunt, sarcastic and prone to action.



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