Dark Sun: Spirit Champions


...someone brought a lamp, right?

Location: Under Tyr, The New Crypts under the Warrens

Campaign Date, Session 4: Scorch 2, 190 Kings Age

…and Down We Go
The party learned that Elsha’s staff was able to give off quite a large amount of light and that their torches and lanterns wouldn’t likely be needed in this venture deeper into the Cryps of Under-Tyr. The party bandaged their wounds and caught their breath in the aftermath of the battle (a short rest). The party searched the crypt carefully and turned up nothing but the poor quality weapons the skeletons used. The party packed them away to sell later and turned their attention back to the portcullis that led deeper into the crypt.

Once open, the party walked down a long hallway, lit in the flickering blue light of Elsha’s crystal staff. Like the room before, the walls were made of a rough, hard standstone. They followed the hallway to a set of solid stone doors with a heavy wooden bar latched across it. After a search of the door to determine it didn’t appear trapped, Razspark heaved the bar off the latches and they cautiously peered into the room, with Elsha thrusting her staff forward to better shed light through the partly opened doors.

Zombie Apocolypse…sort of
The room was long and rectangular and had columns placed evenly across it. The party stepped in, cautiously treading their way into the center of the room. On the far side were a set of double doors that appeared just like the ones they had just used to enter, though there was no bar locking them. As the party took in the room, they noticed on each end of the room were large, filled sandpits. The ceiling of the room was higher above the sandpits than any other part and high up were large holes in the walls, angled with a downward slope and pointing to the sandpits.

Unsure of what this room was or could have been, the party split up to search. Razspark and Crystaliss used their long blades to poke through the sands. Eventually both poked into something that gave a spongy resistance and caused a loud, long moan to erupt from the sand. The party drew their weapons as creatures clawed up and stood up from the sandpits on each side of the room.

Horrible humanoid creatures with dry, green-gray flesh stood before them. The skin was partly rotted and withered and large chunks of bone were visible through missing portions. In the back behind the zombies and on each side of the room also stood another zombie, but it was huge. It was easily double the size of the others, though just as horribly disfigured and disquieting as the stench of death filled the air and practically choked the party.

“Zombies!” a few members of the party shouted. The group launched into combat with Tearyn charging one bunch of Zombies and Razspark and Reoth taking the opposite group. Weapons, fists and acid arrows flew, while Elsha, from near the middle of the room, slung attacks of psionic power that exploded in violet bursts of death, severing the weaker zombies from whatever dark connections kept them animated. Zyx stepped forth and summoned her spirit companion to stand near her allies while chanting healing energies to the most wounded of the party members.

For their part, the smaller zombies were too slow and food starved to do more than rise up and claw at the nearest party members. The larger zombies dashed their way through to both Tearyn and Reoth, smashing and clawing at them both and knocking them back, though Reoth used the magic of his handwraps and reflected the power of the attack back on the larger zombie. The sheer force of the large zombie still pushd him back.

However, it was all but over for the zombies. The large ones were recovering, but between the deadly clash of weapons and exotic magics, the smaller ones were all but destroyed. Before the large zombies could completely recover they were destroyed by Elsha’s spell and Crystaliss’ acid arrow finished the other. The rest of the party members hacked up the remains, just to make sure there was no chance anything could reanimate and then took a few moments to bandage their wounds and rest up to heal (short rest).

A better search of the room, zombie bits and sandpits revealed nothing else of value or use and so the party moved over to the heavy stone doors and checked, finding them unlocked from the other side. The party pushed the doors open and made their way through and into another hallway with stairs going down further into the depths of the crypt and finally ending at another set of sealed stone doors. The party slowly pushed open these heavy doors and entered the room.

The Ghost Who Would Be King
This room was huge and filled with floor-to-ceiling rows of crypts, carved out of the stone rows and even along all of the stone walls that lined the room. The party slowly and careful made their way into the room, Elsha’s blue light was not able to pierce all of the darkness due to the rows of crypts interrupting it’s ability to spread through the room. Partway into the room Reoth and Razspark noticed a body at the far side, beside the double door exit. The group slowly made their way to it. Nothing stired in the silence, except the sounds they were making.

Once they made their way to the body, they noticed that it wore the shredded clothes of an Order of Shattered Twilight monk, exactly like those that Reoth wore. A cursory examination of the body showed that it had been attacked with claws which rended both clothes and flesh and it had also been burned with pinpoint accuracy that seemed reminiscient of magic or psionic energy. It seemed he had been dead a couple of days and was killed at the door, as though he were guarding it. Reoth said a quiet prayer over the body and took an identifying swathe of cloth from his clothes. Zyx said a few quiet words over the body and sprinked it with some kind of herb from a pouch she carried with her.

A blue light suddenly appeard a few yards behind the party. Everyone turned and moved to look towards it. The blue light swirled around and slowly formed into the ghostly image of a man in misty robes, a hood over his head where only the barest features of his ghostly image could be seen. He pointed at the party, a fuzz and slight mist rising off his arm and finger. His voice rang out loudly in the quiet crypt, a powerful voice, but hollow and causing distinct shivers to travel up and down the spines of each member of the party.

“Defilerssssss….desecratorssssss…disturbing this sanctuary with your vile, living essencesss.” the creature hissed at them. “The living are not welcome here!” The party was surprised and not sure how to respond at first, though Razspark and Reoth were the first two to speak up, explaining they didn’t mean to disturb the sanctuary and they were looking to find the three missing brothers of the Order. Zyx and Crystaliss recognized it as a Raaig, a priest or holy warrior that was charged with protecting a sacred site or relic and still keep to their sacred duty, even in death. Typically though, they were inclined to just attack, not speak with those who were where they weren’t supposed to be.

Razspark and Reoth exchanged words with the ghost, who declined to offer any name. They tried to bargin for safe passage, but it only seemed interested in doing so if they were to sacrifice a living soul to join their ranks. Tearyn summoned Marax to join in the negotiations and he seemed to grasp the entire situation in an instant and proclaimed, “You guys do realize what he wants, right? He wants to found a kingdom for his undead. He needs to grow an army. Whether it’s to protect some relic here or because he’s forgotten his original duty, it doesn’t matter.”

Razspark made sense of that and offered a new proposal. The party would find a new home for the Raaig and his restless spirits as long as they were given free passage to find the missing brothers and once relocated, they would leave innocents alone. Reoth adamently opposed and Zyx believed any sort of bargin to be a bad idea. Marax said, “Well it’s always bad to bagin with the spirits, but I sense at least 100 of his restless undead here. That’s a lot of enemies.” Tearyn though the idea was fine, as long as innocents wouldn’t be harmed. Crystaliss had little concern over the matter either way.

In the end, a vote was cast and Razspark stepped forward and entered a ritual circle with the ghost, sealing a bargin to find and move them to a new home where they weren’t locked in eternal darkness below and unable to roam the lands above. Where they were not able to add to their army without more losses than gains. And in turn, each member of the party was annointed with a mark to ensure them safe passage in the crypts and with regards only to the undead. No guarantee could be made for the things living they might encounter. Razpsark would have to come back within 29 days with either a new home to take them to or to renew the bargin, failure to do either, would be to consign himself to become the unliving.



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