Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

Wheels Within Wheels

...that keep turning

Location: Tyr & The Golden City

Campaign Date, Session 7: Scorch 5, 190 Kings Age

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranc…er…Farm
The next morning the party started to enact their plans for the day. Tearyn went to see to the tearing down of the stalls, repacking of the caravan and returning of rented equipment. Reoth and Crystaliss went to set up a meeting with Captain Janus. Razspark went to handle a number of things. Elsha and Zyx waited until nearly noon and went to the pre-designated waiting place a few miles outside of the relatively settled area outside of Tyr. Tearyn finished her business with her caravan and joined them outside at the waiting spot as well.

Razspark, Reoth and Crystaliss all went into Tyr. It was there they went different paths. Reaoth and Crystaliss went to the nobles market to wander around and loitered where they had previously, hoping to catch the eye of one of the Shadow Ward. It wasn’t too long before they managed to do so and told him about their mission. He led them to The Golden City and bade them to wait in the small waiting garden while he found the captain and sent him to them.

They waited a little while in the tranquil area, seeing various administrators and templars moving about and performing the fuctions that kept the city running relatively smoothly. After a little while, Captain Jannus approached from across the district, directing his entourage away with various tasks, until he was the only one approaching Reoth and Crystaliss.

After a brief chat, they decided they should head, on foot, to the pre-designated meeting place. They left The Golden City and slowly worked their way through it. Reoth kept an eye out to see if they were being followed, while Crystaliss kept her eyes around them to make sure there were no closer threats. They made their way to the Caravan Gate and were allowed to pass through with no levy tax. No threats were apparent, as there also appeared to be no one following them.

They made their way to the desert meeting place. Where Captain Janus took a moment to study Elsha with a quiet awe. He then discussed what he had learned of Kalak’s plan to use her people to empower him and how King Tithian had hoped to make amends to her people and was even willing to set aside space within the city to give them a chance to recover and figure out what their ultimate plans were going to be, all he asked for was their loyalty in his bid to remain King.

Elsha made no promises and wanted to see everything Kalak knew about her people. Captain Janus agreed, but said they would have to accompany him to the Templar Archive and review the documents that had been recovered there. With promises of safe passage, they made their way back to the Tyr and into The Golden City. Again, there was no apparent subterfuge going on.

The Great Archive
After some arrangements were made, they went into the Templar Archive and made their way down many, many steps and landings. They were deep underground and also had to pass through a number of secured check points before they made it into the main archive. It was a huge room filled with shelves and shevles of scrolls and tablets and books. The Master Archivist had them wait at a large table while he retrieved the information they were seeking.

Reoth also asked if the Master Archivist knew anything of his Order and it’s founding in Tyr. Once again, the Archivist left and returned a little while later with a small cart of tablets. He said that information would be on those and the other information they were seeking would be in these scrolls. He helped them sort through both sets of documents to find the information they wanted.

Reoth ended up finding a new clue to where the original temple was located in the Black Spine Mountains, he also learned that the temple was destroyed by some kind of desert dwelling creatures seeking shelter in the mountains from some of the worst standstorms ever known on Athas.

Elsha learned that her people were in a hidden cavern that was hollowed out in the Tyr Valley somewhere. It was deliberately made so that her people could be stored and used as a power source for Kalak to draw from once he had made his transformation. The location was not specified in the documents and all the workers used to make the cavern had been killed.

The next steps in the process were then discussed. The ritual would take 2 days to set up and be done at midnight. Elsha would need to be there 12 hours before to be cleansed and it would take place in the High Temple. The party would not be allowed inside, but could wait in The Golden City during the ritual. While the documents were being studied, Captain Jannus went with Tearyn and dealt with some of the other business the party was interested in having completed.

When they returned, he was able to provide Elsha with a sealed writ that would prevent her from being detained or followed as a fugitive. Orders had also been sent to each captain in the Tyrian Guard as well. They were finally free and clear of their guard troubles, unless they created any new problems, of course. The last details were worked out regarding the ritual and the party’s need to make sure Elsha was protected as best possible against betrayal.

Mr. Razspark…Businessman
In the meantime, Razspark had split off from the group to handle a number of his business issues. The first thing he did was head to the crypts once again and waited in the Great Crypt for the Ghost King to appear. Once he did, he laid out his ne proposal to him. The Ghost King seemed pleased and agreed to his terms, including offering protection to the human guards who would be transporting new souls and a rotating group of undead for the night games. Everything was coming together much better then even he had been able to envision.

The next thing Razspark did was visit Captain Zidane and inquire about possible locations to move the undead to. The captain said there was a well known and traveled bard who was often either here or at Raam. He’d have it checked out see if he was around and let Razspark know. While it did seem kind of odd he would take such an interest, Razspark had other things to discuss.

They also discussed the captain providing a group of guards for a patrol of men to transport the remains of the restless dead back and forth between Tyr and their new home. They would be paid from proceeds that would be generated by the undead once they were in the wilderness. Razspark had an idea for a new set of night games involving condemned prisoners and the undead, but not only that, a rotating crop of undead plus the transport of the newly dead out to the new home for the Ghost King. While the Captain Zidane was intially unsettled and not inclined to go along with this, Razpsark slowly won him over.

Captain Zidane recommened a dwarven smith by the nickname of Davers, who should be able to help him in making badges for the guards who would act as transpoters and protectors. Razspark left and met with the dwarf named Davers and was immediately impressed. He was an old dwarf, but was built large and even gave Razspark pause. They seemed to hit it off very well though and Razpsark got his first lesson in the difference between silver and mithril silver.

Razspark learned that Davers was (when he was much younger) a gladiator who had not only won his freedom, but also won this smith shop through his skill at arms. He went by the name Battlehammer, which he now had displayed above his hearth. Davers was just his nickname among friends, bequeathed to him as a joke and it just stuck.

Davers informed him he needed to speak to Kastille, who was in charge of city buildings, permits and businesses. He futher agreed to be a part of Razsparks scheme to build a secured temple area in the arena for the undead and provide assistance for the tavern he wanted to build later and make the badges Razspark needed. They drank into the night and told old stories to each other. Afterwards, Razspark left, realizing how much debt he was in and unsure how he was going to pay for all of this. He left the dwarf to do his work.

Razspark wandered the city for a little while before finding a tavern to wander into called The Happy Dwarf. He tried a number of brews and ended up mixing a couple together to create a new concoction that was somewhere between horrific and disgusting. He loved it immediately and decided it should be a new drink. He’d call it Wieer. Satisfied with his new discovery, he left the tavern and wandered up and down the Caravan Road singing and drinking from the keg of it he took. There was quite a bit of surprise as he ran into the other members of the party, having just left The Golden City. Keeping a fair distance from the foul smelling Razspark, they all filled each other in on what they did that day.

An idea popped into Razspark’s head and he went back to the Ghost King and waited for him to appear. He explained the plight he was having and the Ghost King surprised him and was willing to help. He led Razspark through a secret tunnel through one of the wall sections into a room with a number of remains and treasures. Razspark was warned the treasure was guarded and cursed, but could take some with the permission of the Ghost King. He was allowed to gather a handful of rare and precious gems, as well as a old, wooden box which contained the mortal remains of a great knight, now one of the Restless Dead. He would be able to help Razspark find the dead workers if they were restless, as well as offer some level of control over them.

Razspark re-joined the party, who did not accompany him down into the crypts again. Nor did they mention how unsettling it was Razspark seemed to be bonding with this Ghost King and setting him up with ways to generate his own armies and to shortly have his own city-state. Though the party did understand the money making aspects of the venture and how it was going to profit them. Reoth still did not agree with all of this and was adamantly opposed, but would continue to go along with things…for now. Everyone quietly hoped that this wasn’t going to bite them in the ass down the road.



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