Captain Zidane

A Captain in the Tyrian Guard, stationed in the Warrens District.


Captain Zidane is an older man, in his 40’s. He has iron gray hair that was one black and he is a well built man. He stands about 6’2" with hazel eyes and has a barrel chest and arms. He also walks with a very slight limp. He wears bone-chain mail and keeps a heavy warhammer strapped across his back and two short swords at his sides.


Captain Zidane has been in the Tyrian Guard his entire life. He’s a powerful fighter, despite his aging and a smart tactician. He requested the Warrens District because he does not like to be bored and hates sitting idle. He intends to keep the Warren’s Gate open as long as he can and actively does what he can to hinder the Shadow Ward, because he has quite the personal dislike of secret enforcers.

Captain Zidane

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