Davers Battlehammer

A Master Smith located in Tyr who is very well known for his crafts and business sense. An ex-gladiator.


Davers is an older dwarf. He has long, graying hair that used to be night black. He keeps it in long warrior braids and tucked into his belt. He is wide and well muscled and covered with scars on his arms and face from both his time in the arena and from his time as a smith. He is about average height and has coal black eyes. He carries a large drinking stein on his belt and a forge hammer that is reinforced with steel.


Davers has been in Tyr all his life. He was a gladiator when he was much younger, using a battlehammer that was oversized for him, but he used it very well. He won his fredom in the games and even had a side wager with a local smith. The smith lost and handed over his shop to Davers. He has been constructing and repairing buildings in Tyr for over two hundred years. He is also one of the few smiths who is a master at crafting metal items.

Davers Battlehammer

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