Eldest Master

Highest ranking monk in the Order of Shattered Twilight in Tyr


He is very, very old. He only has wisps of gray eyebrows over bright hazel eyes. His head is shaved bald. He is very thin and stands about 5’7". He wears only the robes of a monk of the order, with no insignia of rank or sign of position. He speaks slowly and only answers to his title, having given up his name to earn it. He carries no weapons and wears no armor and he never makes a sound when he moves.


The Eldest Master is the highest ranking member in a given monastery of the Order. There is only one Eldest Master and one Elder Master. He has lived in Tyr all his life and only ventured out in the the Tyr region up until the time he was made an Elder Master. He is the second oldest of all the Eldest Masters in the order and next in line to become the Grand Master of the order.

Eldest Master

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