Guildmaster Haruun

Guildmaster of House Ayrun in Tyr


Haruun is a middle aged halfling of average height and build, with dark hair and eyes. He is a man of moderate wealth in Tyr and dresses accordingly, if not a little conservative. He is honest and fair in all of his dealings. He is a bit gruff and short on conversation and very business like.


He has been the Guildmaster in Tyr for the last 15 years, since the previous one retired. He is the local authority for House Ayrun in Tyr. The Guild House is located in the Merchant’s District and supports the sponsored trade caravans that come to Tyr and leave from it. He runs his entire office in a very orderly fashion. He has quite a few contacts among the other vendors and merchants in Tyr.

Guildmaster Haruun

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