Jeros Corval

Wine Master of Exotic Draughts in Tyr


Jeros Corval is an older man with slightly graying hair at his temples, though the rest is still dark. He has a slightly graying goatee as well. He stands about 6’ tall and is of an average build and had brown eyes.

He dresses in very fine clothes made of colored silks and wears sandals. He favors bright colors such as reds and golds. He carries an ornate dagger in a sheath at his waist, but otherwise always travels with one or two guards.


Jeros Corval is the owner of Exotic Draughts. He has been a citizen of Tyr all his life and he got his start from his father, selling wines to caravans for trade. As he got older, he traveled to the various city-states and gathered a large group of contacts who were interested in the more expensive and fine wines. After years of building his merchant and trade contacts up, he now exclusively sells fine wines and other types of exotic alcohols.

Jeros Corval

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