Lieutenant Braed

A young officer in the Tyrian Guard and stationed at the Warrens Gate


Braed is a tall man, 6’3" and powerfully built, but he is very young, just into his early 20’s. He is exceptionally skilled with any kind of sword and very smart, which is why he holds a lieutenant’s rank at his age. He has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes and is generally amiable. He wears a bone-chain mail armor and carries both a long and short sword.


Braed always wanted to be a gladiator and trained himself to fight from an early age. His father had other plans for him and inducted him into the Tyrian Guard as soon as he was old enough, despite his sons wishes. Braed quickly rose through the ranks due to his sharp mind and great combat skills. Unfortunately when it came to women, he wasn’t as smart and he ended up caught in the arms of one of the Tyrian Captain’s daughter. He was re-assigned to the Warrens Gate.

Lieutenant Braed

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