Captain Janus

The Shadow Ward Captain of the City of Tyr. Second under King Tithian


Janus is the Captain of the Shadow Ward and nominally considered the second in command after King Tithian. He is about 6’ tall and has dark hair and eyes. He has sharp features and has a solid, muscled build. He usually dresses in the black silks of the Shadow Ward and wears his pinned badge openly. He doesn’t appear to carry any weapons, but he can summon a black and purple sword of energy.


There isn’t much known about Janus. Records indicate he briefly studied with the Order of Shattered Twilight before vanishing into the darkness of Tyr. He seems to know quite a bit about the Templars and is thought to have studied with them as well. As he also can summon a black blade that gives off a purplish hue of energy, it is believed he has studied the arts of magic as well. He is a strong supporter of Tithian and always has been, even when the Shadow Ward were working by order of Kalak.

Captain Janus

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