Halfling Battlemind


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Halfling, Battlemind
Build: Quick Battlemind
Psionic Study Option: Speed of Thought
Dark Sun, Inherent Bonuses
Forked Tongue – Merchant/Trader (+2 to Acrobatics)
Theme: Dune Trader

STR 12, CON 16, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 16

STR 11, CON 14, DEX 12, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 16

AC: 22 Fort: 16 Ref: 15 Will: 18
HP: 49 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 12

Bluff +10, Endurance +10, Intimidate +10

Acrobatics +8, Arcana +2, Athletics +3, Diplomacy +5, Dungeoneering +4, Heal +4, History +2, Insight +4, Nature +4, Perception +4, Religion +2, Stealth +4, Streetwise +5, Thievery +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Dune Trader Feature: Quick Formation
Halfling Racial Power: Second Chance
Battlemind Feature: Battlemind’s Demand
Battlemind Feature: Blurred Step
Battlemind Feature: Mind Spike
Battlemind Feature: Speed of Thought
: Steel Unity Attack
Battlemind Attack 1: Demon Dance
Battlemind Attack 1: Whirling Defense
Battlemind Attack 1: Steel Unity Strike
Battlemind Utility 2: Telepathic Challenge
Battlemind Attack 3: Visions of Terror

Level 1: Improved Speed of Thought
Level 2: Lost in the Crowd
Level 4: Improved Initiative

Dowsing Rod
Survival Day
Sun balm
Distillation Kit
Desert Clothing
Oil (1 pint)
Adventurer’s Kit
Filter mask
Imposter’s Drakescale Armor +2 x1
Short sword
Vanguard Battleaxe +1 x1
== End ==

Background and character details for Tearyn Mineshadow

Physical Appearance: Long Reddish brown hair with several warrior braids in the front with colorful ribbons woven in, bright Sky Blue eyes, 3’ 10” tall and around 77lbs., lightly tanned skin color.

She has 3 tattoos; the only one visible in regular clothing is a facial one; Light black in color starting from the corner of her left eye that continues down over her cheekbone.(see below picture).

The second one on her right bicep; also light black in color, very tribal looking it starts on the inner side of her bicep curves out and goes up to her inner shoulder; see below.

The third is a tattoo of House Aryan’s “coats of arms” per say down her right side/abdomen(from just under her right breast to just above her hip) shown below; also of a light black color.

She wears mostly greens and browns to blend in with earth tones. She wears what appears to be tight brown leather pants and a faded green tunic shirt. She has a dull brown colored, though intricate looking on second glance, battle-axe strapped to her back. Hanging from her belt, are what appears to be a series of fingers and one ear.
In truth, she is actually almost always wearing her +2 Imposters Drakescale armor, the colors of which she dyed in browns and greens as well that gives her the ability to have it look like regular clothing of any kind.

Current Age: 20

Personality: Tearyn is a very curious person but also very arrogant due to knowing that she is the best battlemind to ever exist. She is the first to rush into battle. She is friendly and very quick witted due to her being a Dune Trader.

Quirks: She has her own battlecry: “Soups On!” And she has an unusual loathing/fear of jesters; and reacts especially violently to juggling due to a childhood experience. She also collects toes and the occasional ear as battle trophies.

Background: Diary Excerpts

Entry 1: So, my mother thinks I have anger management problems and suggested I write down my “feelings” when I feel the need to hit someone. Says she’ll check it regularly to make sure I am writing in this damn book. My father agrees with her about the anger thing, his answer is to start training me with various weapons. He thinks he can sweat it out of me I am pretty sure. Can you picture me rolling my eyes here?

Anyway, I suppose I will start out with the easy stuff. My name is Tearyn Mineshadow; I’m a Halfling and I’m 10 years old. I have 2 very cool older brothers(Tob, 18 and Pav, 22) and one very annoying younger sister(Myra, 7). My parents(Dalein and Lilsy), are your typical Halfling parents I suppose. My father is a Caravan Master and a Fighter, traveling between our home village and about 50 other villages in and around the Forest Ridge, my mother one of 3 of my tribes druids that work with our chieftain, Liemory. Both of my brothers have traveled with my father since they turned 14 as traders, training under father. My sister and I are expected to start training with mother at the same age, as druids.

This sort of brings us to me being told to write in this journal. Today I finally got up the nerve to tell my mother that I didn’t want to be a druid. That I wanted to travel with my Father and brothers when I turned 14; that I didn’t feel the connection with the spirits that my mother and sister do. Even at my sister’s young age she can feel it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel a strong connection with the spirits, all Halflings do, but not in the way that my mother describes to my sister and me. She encourages us to commune with them, but I just don’t feel it when I meditate and try. My feelings were basically dismissed as nonsense “since I am still young” and as being ridiculous to want to travel like that, despite the fact that both my mother and my sister showed signs of druidism at much earlier ages than I. I really just think my mother can’t accept that I may not become a druid.

So being frustrated and fed up with my parents not listening, I grabbed one of my fathers wooden clubs and I went out for a walk. I came across Liem, the chief’s one and only 11 year old son. Now, Liem is not too terrible to deal with when he isn’t hanging around with the older boys in the tribe but on this day, I had no such luck. I was wandering around through the trees on the outskirts of the village, whacking on some of them with the club when they jumped out of the underbrush and surrounded me. Now, I’m no sissy, I am a Halfling after all, we are born and bred to fight in one fashion or another, but when 5 boys that are bigger and older than you jump out at you(ranging from 11 to 15), you are quite aware you do not have the tactical advantage. They started teasing me and just generally being boys. At first, I tried to ignore them and just went on with my walk after giving them all a disgusted look but they kept following me and poking fun at me because, as the whole village is aware, I have manifested no druidic powers at the oh so old age of 10 and just simply because I am female. Liem made a particularly nasty comment that I can’t even remember anymore, and being that I was already agitated and angry with my parents, I sort of went crazy. I stopped abruptly, turned slowly on the spot, and glared at him. I don’t know exactly what happened but he was roughly 50 feet away from me and I could remember just wishing I was right next to him so I could smash him across the face with the club I was holding. The next thing I knew, that was exactly what happened and Liem was on the ground whining and the rest of the boys were staring at me wide eyed and open mouthed. That is, until one of them suggested getting the chief, much to my disgust. To say the least, my parents are pissed, the chief is pissed and Liem and his cronies lied about the whole thing. Going on and on about how I just all of a sudden appeared and started beating on them; that they did nothing to me at all blah blah. Stupid adults.

The coolest thing that happened though was that my father showed me something I had never seen before. An Axe. Not just any axe that you see around the village either. Now, I had seen my father with his axe before but never saw it as something especially noteworthy except for the skull until today. He closed and locked all the doors and windows in my room brought in a tub of water and a scrub brush and started cleaning off the axe. It is beautiful; it’s made of REAL metal. Not bone or something else. But Metal. I had never seen metal before today. The axe itself is about 2 feet long in total. It’s a battle axe so it has blades on both sides, identically curved. It has spikes coming off the shaft that the blades align with and a spike off the top of the metal ring/circle. It’s hard to describe. In the center of the blades is a ring or circle, where sits a skull of some un-identified creature covered in some kind of design. The shaft looks to be made of obsidian perhaps and then tapers down to a metal band that wraps around. The hilt looks to be made of ivory with a metal decoration attached to the bottom. Father let me hold it and test its weight. It felt great. I felt invincible holding it. He showed me how he disguised it and we covered it back up together. He warned me to never, ever tell anyone about the axe. That it was dangerous for us for anyone to know about it being made of metal because it was so incredibly rare. I asked him how he got it and he told me that it had been handed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years in our family to the most promising of warriors. He told me that my grandfather and great grandfather were great fighters and protectors of our family and the Forest Ridge. They both still are. As are my grandmother and great grandmother. I have a big family. We’re survivors.

I asked them about the axe too, no one seems to know where the axe actually came from originally. It’s a curiosity that won’t stop pounding at the back of my head.

Entry 2: Back again already. Felt like hitting both my parents today for just being too stubborn and listening to a whiney spoiled brat over their own daughter. Personally I think the chief knows his son is lying but he isn’t going to let his perfect son get into any kind of trouble. I don’t like the chief much. He’s shifty in my opinion.

On the up side, Liem has been told in no uncertain terms, to stay away from me. I almost laughed in his face on that one because he knows his father was dead serious. Though, I think the whole situation has made some bad blood between my parents and the chief. Or at least being the chief and I. Oh well. I don’t like him anyway.

Entry 3: I made myself a spear today out of a long branch I found in the woods. Killed my first rabbit and brought it home to show my parents. Mother wasn’t happy. Father couldn’t believe I had done it; but was very proud considering I hadn’t had hardly any training yet. My brothers thought it was great though. Even they hadn’t made such clean kills until they were a couple of years older than I.

Entry 4: Argh parents! Halfling parents! And all there talk of being a part of the world, blah blah blah!

The origins of my father’s axe is still eating at me.

Entry 8: Made a sling and killed a (insert equiveliant of a deer here) today. It was the cleanest kill my father had ever seen from someone so untrained I heard him tell my mother later; after I had been ordered to my room for going off hunting again that is.

Entry 11: Came across Liem today in the woods, he was by himself. I just smirked and walked past, ignoring him. I think he is a bit afraid of me now. HA. It probably helped that I had one of my fathers wooden training swords with me and had just come from training.

Entrys 20-25: So, my mother abruptly decided she was going to start training me in some of the ritual druidic dances in the hopes that it would force some kind of druidic power to manifest. I kept telling her it was no good. She doesn’t listen to me at all. But hey, the dances were fun to learn even if she kept saying I was doing them wrong if I couldn’t feel the spirits power run through me. This was 4 months ago. Still no spirit power. Still dancing.

I did however discover that I could move at the speed of thought sometimes. I have never heard of a druid able to do that in the fashion in which I do, so I haven’t mentioned it to either of my parents.

My father left with a Caravan today as well, every time I see him with his axe now I can’t help but wonder about it.

On another side note, I turn 13 in a couple of months and my boobs are finally starting to grow. Boys keep staring at me now with curious looks instead of disgust or anger but still to this day stay away from me. I think it pays to be good with weapons.

Entry 29: My mother took me to a carnival today just outside of the forest. It was the most horrible experience I have ever had! Being a Halfling, I am very small, just over 2’6” at the age of 12. A jester at the carnival actually picked me up and used me as one of his juggling objects along with hatchets! I thought I was going to die. I screamed and screamed and then punched him in the nose and then kicked him in the balls when he finally put me down. If I ever see another jester in my life, it will be too soon. They all must suffer.

Entry 45: I turn 14 in a months’ time and my parents do not know what to do with me. I can’t start druid training if I haven’t manifested any kind of power. The druid council would never allow it. I do try not to show my glee.

I have turned into a very good hunter and fighter, if I do say so myself, better than both of my brothers at my age and bring home food for the table quite regularly for us and several elderly neighbors. Maybe they will send me away to one of the neighboring villages for more in depth training as a ranger? Though, I think I would really like to learn to be a Caravan Master, like my father. Traveling and meeting all kinds of people. Both of my brothers are thriving Dune Traders in the area(and training to become Caravan Masters) and are well known and well liked. I do think that would be an exciting life. I do so like hunting though I would like to do more than that. Maybe one day, I will get the chance to explore the world outside of the Forest Ridge.

Entry 53: (three days before 14th bday) Mother is dead. I can’t believe it. No one knows exactly what happened. She and the other 2 tribes druids along with the chief were doing a ritual they do regularly and something went terribly wrong. The druids and Chief Liemory claim to have no idea what happened. I don’t know if I believe that since the Chief could even look my father in the eye when he made the statement and shooed the druids off to their homes quite quickly. I pointed this out to my father later that night but he would not listen to such things, saying that the chief would never dishonor the Spirits by harming one of their own druids.

Entry 54: I can’t believe this is happening. I think my mother’s death has made my father lose his mind. He is sending me away to House Ayran, the biggest merchant house closest to Forest Ridge, to learn to be a Dune Trader instead of training me himself. I can’t believe it. He is sending me away.

Entry 55: Well, here I am again, writing in this Journal after 2 years. I left it at home when my father sent me here. My brothers sent it to me with a package of my things from home, including his Axe and a letter telling me that my father had been killed in a skirmish with some trolls that attacked the village. I can’t believe he left his axe to me.

Now both of my parents are gone. My brothers still live in the village with their families. My sister is now training with the druids in a neighboring village and here I am in House Ayran for the last two years. You may think I am being blasé about my father dying. I’m not, but I haven’t even talked to him more than 3 times though letters in the past 2 years. I loved him, but I didn’t know him after everything that happened with my mother.

I have learned so much about Dune Trading and the world around us in just 2 years. Not to mention, the discovering of my Psionic talents when I arrived here. The House had me train with Crrakmarss, a surprising dragonborn Psion, for just short of 18 months. I currently train daily with the military forces of House Ayran. Well, I will leave it at this for now, I am due to leave for couple of weeks with a caravan.

Entry 60: Left on a week-long caravan trip this morning. At around mid-day we ran into some bandits that felt they had the right to our wares. I got to use my father’s axe for the first time in real combat. It was like cutting through hot butter. The caravan master was very impressed. It’s not the first time we have run into problems on the road but it’s the first time that I mowed through the “problem” so fast. Usually it takes me a bit more time being one of the best warriors the House of Aryan has. I got 2 fingers for my belt out of this fight.
Entry 63: Ran into a band of Kolbolds today. The ensuing fight was a ton of fun! I was covered in blood by the end. A couple of the other warriors look at me funny now. Got a couple of kolbold toes for my belt.

Entry 67: Wow, we have had so many problems on this trip. We got attacked by more bandits. You would think word would get around about how dangerous it is to attack this particular caravan. They under estimate halflings.

Entry 70: The rest of the trip passed without incident. Made a decent profit. Next trip out is a much longer outing, have to get in some more practice with my axe.

Entry 75: I thought I would break from the Caravan and ride ahead for a few days and get to Tyr early. Maybe roam a little bit more and make some new contacts. Maybe check out the arena games since I had never seen one before. So here I am sitting in the dark staring off into the distance at a small campfire with one lone traveler. I think tomorrow I will approach….

Entry 76: Well that went better than expected, though the dragonborn female did make an attempt for her weapon. I warned her away however and introduced myself. Her name is Crystaliss and she is a Slayer, or so she says… though I have yet to see her slay something. Even for her meal this night. I found myself a desert rat. It was very tasty after I skinned and roasted it. She must be coming down with some kind of bug because when I offered to catch her one, she turned a light shade of green. Hmm.

Entry 77: Today Crystaliss and I entered the city after a week of traveling. She told me tales of her childhood and I a bit of mine to her. We discovered that we had crossed paths before many years ago. She also told me she was in search of her childhood friend RazSpark who was reported to be a fighter in the arena in the city. I told her I had never seen any arena fights and would like to accompany her to find her friend.

Entry 78: Well we found Crystaliss’ friend today. I was mildly impressed by his fighting abilities. He was pretty good… for a MULE. My grandmother could take him though. Maybe even great grandmother.

I was quite shocked when Crystaliss slapped him after she approached him after the fights were over. I bet that hurt. After they had a short conversation I walked up to him and poked him in the knee and told him my thoughts on his fighting. He just stared at me. Then he got all offended. Men, I swear. I told him he had a big mouth and challenged him. He laughed; I punched him in the naughty bits.

In the evening we met up outside of town, he actually wanted to fight. I just stared at him like he was crazy because really….. really? Men. I let him choose the style for the fight if he really wanted to do this. He actually chose hand to hand. Men. I just shook my head at him and proceeded to, once again, stare at him. I just played with him for the first hour. I mean really, he is so big and lumbering, did he really think he could hit me that much? He did get in a few good licks, I got a cut lip. He got a broken rib. This went on for another hour before I got bored. I did have quite a few bruises and a few scraps and cuts. He almost fell on me once. At the end of the second hour I decided to just end it and knocked him out. Crystaliss just stared at me. I shrugged at her and told her I got bored. Raz slept for over 24 hours. When he woke up he was very disoriented and believed that the fight lasted for almost 2 days. I just played along, and told him he wasn’t so bad after all and that he could probably take my great grandmother and grandmother. But he never could have taken my mother. Now.. I didn’t tell him that they were all 20th level druids but that wasn’t the point at the time.

Entry 79: It was a great morning. I woke and stretched out all the kinks in my muscles from the fight and was just starving. A fight always makes me hungry, even if it was decidedly one sided. I needed a good breakfast. I started poking Crystaliss awake and was getting ready to poke Raz and ask him what was for breakfast but he seemed to be in a bit of pain. That was curious but I just shrugged and went on about my morning. I cleaned up my camp supplies and headed out to find some breakfast…. I had noticed some really plump desert rat’s running around.

Further Journal Entries


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