Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

The Ritual
...sounds omnious...

Location: The Golden City

Campaign Date, Session 9: Scorch 7, 190 Kings Age

Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war)
The party got together over breakfast at the farm house and made sure they had their plans and were coordinated in case anything went wrong. During this discussion Razspark and Reoth got into a rather heated debate as the plans for the undead and the arena, prisoners and moving them to a new location as the whole plan was finally unveiled to the party. While no one was especially happy, Reoth immediately launched into a strong disagreement with Razspark regarding the Ghost King and Razspark’s plan to make money with them. While Razspark took the discussion to heart and considered a change in plans, he ultimately decided it was too late to back out now and thought it best to finish the arrangements he had already put into place and then just avoid doing any further work with them in the future. Reoth was less than pleased, but grudgingly accepted that Razspark at least took his words seriously.
Should I Stay
...or should I go?

Location: Tyr & Tyr Valley

Campaign Date, Session 8: Scorch 6, 190 Kings Age

Cockadoodle Erdlu
A soft knock on her door woke her up earlier than expected. Crystallis crawled from her bed and opened her door to be met by her friend Triel.

“I’m sorry to bother you so early, but Shoats and I have a problem that may mean the end of the farm and we think you’re the only one who can help us solve it.”

Crystaliss nodded and told him, “Go on.” How she hated mornings!
Wheels Within Wheels
...that keep turning

Location: Tyr & The Golden City

Campaign Date, Session 7: Scorch 5, 190 Kings Age

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranc…er…Farm
The next morning the party started to enact their plans for the day. Tearyn went to see to the tearing down of the stalls, repacking of the caravan and returning of rented equipment. Reoth and Crystaliss went to set up a meeting with Captain Janus. Razspark went to handle a number of things. Elsha and Zyx waited until nearly noon and went to the pre-designated waiting place a few miles outside of the relatively settled area outside of Tyr. Tearyn finished her business with her caravan and joined them outside at the waiting spot as well.
It's Party Time
...who brought the booze?

Location: Under Tyr, The Crawl

Campaign Date, Session 6: Scorch 3, 190 Kings Age (very early morning)

Bugs…Why Did It Have To Be Bugs?
As more of the ankhegs were slain by the party the remaining ones felt a growing desperation of their situation and started spitting geysers of acid at the party. Each member, except Crystaliss who had a resistance to acid, did their best to dodge and duck and use their heavy cloaks for cover and while they were mostly successful, different party members cried out in yelps of pain as acid pelted exposed skin. Combat was furious between the party and the monsters, with both groups exchanging devestating amounts of damage to each other. It was then that the void prison Elsha conjured expired and vanished, freeing the ankhegs who also rushed forward to join in as well.
Doing Nothing
...is hard.

Location: Under Tyr, The New Crypts & The Road of Crypts

Campaign Date, Session 5: Scorch 2, 190 Kings Age

Things Just Keep Getting Better and Better
At the conclusion of the ritual the Ghost empowered Reoth to give his blessing of protection to an additional two people, in case his brothers were fond. As the ghost faded away there was a dim flash of pale light and what sounded like a hollow bar sliding away and both of the double doors magically unsealed. Though Reoth didn’t like the idea of leaving his brother on the crypt floor there was little he could do. The pact forbade the party from looting or assaulting any of the undead they encountered and leaving any fresh dead where they were. Reoth found himself unsettled and angry as he felt the defiling magic flowing through him and he was forced to leave the body of his brother where it had been found. His sole consolation were the rites Zyx whispered above the body and the herbs she spread across it, hoping his soul was freed and granted peace.
...someone brought a lamp, right?

Location: Under Tyr, The New Crypts under the Warrens

Campaign Date, Session 4: Scorch 2, 190 Kings Age

…and Down We Go
The party learned that Elsha’s staff was able to give off quite a large amount of light and that their torches and lanterns wouldn’t likely be needed in this venture deeper into the Cryps of Under-Tyr. The party bandaged their wounds and caught their breath in the aftermath of the battle (a short rest). The party searched the crypt carefully and turned up nothing but the poor quality weapons the skeletons used. The party packed them away to sell later and turned their attention back to the portcullis that led deeper into the crypt.
...and this Person is
...my plus one.

Location: Outside Tyr, Crystaliss’ Farm House

Campaign Date, Session 3: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age

Doctor Livingstone, I presume?
Despite the lateness of the hour, Razspark found himself restless and mildly annoyed that 2 full skins of his broy had been drank by both himself and the party. That little..“IT” had drank half of one alone. He glared at the sleeping halfling as he got up and made his way outside into the rapidly cooling night. He stood, internally debating on leaving to see if he could get help from the friendly guards to obtain more skins of broy. Then he noticed a small shadow of some kind sitting in the distance, at the fence gate. He slowly approached and called out, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
Nowhere to Run to Baby!
...but there is some place to hide!

Location: Tyr, The Free City

Campaign Date, Session 2: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age

Barroom Brawl
It was within moments, the battle surged with Tearyn and Razspark on one side and four Tyrian Guard, backed up by Shadow Ward on the other. The other party members were unsure what to do initially, as they didn’t want to draw attention to the table where Elsha was hidden. Reoth hesitated until he could get away from the table and then he sprung into action, noting three of the Shadow Ward were monks as well and seemingly trained in the same style of combat he knew, judging from their stances and motion. Patrons of the bar cleared to the corners in an attempt to get away from the now raging battle between all of the scary people.
Strange Meetings
...and strange bedfellows

Location: Tyr, The Free City

Campaign Start Date, Session 1: Scorch 1, 190 Kings Age
(Year of Priest’s Defiance, first day after the 5 day Festival of the Highest Sun)

Setting of the Stage
Razspark, Crystaliss and Tearyn made their way back into Tyr the next morning after the epic “battle” between Razspark and Tearyn (detailed further in their individual backgrounds). The party spent the first part of the morning in the markets to restock, have equipment maintained and to replenish their supplies.
The Spirit Champions
...our cast of ragtag wanna be heroes.

Here is our cast of characters. This list will include PC’s and any NPC that plays any kind of impotant role in the campaign.

Tearyn is a Halfling Battlemind from the Forest Ridge area and trained as a journeyman Dune Trader with House Ayran since it was apparent she wouldn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps as a druid. She is the team’s primary tank and wields a Legacy battleaxe. She’s smart and disciplined, tough and confrontational.
Razspark is a Human Barbarian who was from a nameless village in the wastes of the Tyr region. He was enslaved and trained as a gladiator to fight in the arenas. He succeeded in the arenas and just won his freedom, leaving Tyr buzzing with his victory. He wears a Legacy duster in lieu of a cloak. He’s tough and has a very unique point of view and drinks alcohol like it’s rarer than water.
Reoth is a Human Monk who lives in a small monestary within the walls of Tyr. He was a prodigy and reached journeyman at a young age. He left Tyr before the Fall of the Dragon King, not wishing to be involved. He discovered Elsha and they became fast friends. He wears Legacy handwraps. He’s smart and tatical, inquisitive and subtly dangerous.

Elsha is a Shardmind Psion. She was imprisoned over 1000 years ago and was freed when the Dragon King was slain. Reoth found her, helped her and befriended her and they started traveling togther. She has a Legacy staff she forms from her own body. She is a bit shy and curious as to what happened to her people and she is equally worried for her own safety.

Crystaliss is a Dragonborn (Dray) Slayer from a nameless village long the Scrub Plains. She is both a melee and ranged striker for the party and has a standing companionship with Razspark. She uses a Legacy bow. She is quiet and usually has very little to say, but supports the team without hesitation.

Zyx (NPC) is a Half-Elven Shamaness and was born to a wandering tribe under a number of omens. Her Legacy is having been touched by the Elemental Spirits and been given visions and dreams and a prophecy. She sought out the potential champtions to help guide them. She is smart and blunt, sarcastic and prone to action.


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