Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

And Now...
we have a goodbye to say...

Location: Reality

November 2011 and up to the present.

Losing A Player
Most gaming groups experience a range of emotions when a new player joins an ongoing capaign, such as excitement, reservation, or annoyance. That player always has some big shoes to fill to prove they are worth the disruption of the already established group dynamic. How that player establishes themselves through the course of play will set the bar for any other people who wish to join as well, especially if that player turns out to be a great addition to the team. So when a player leaves, how they played will determine whether it’s a celebration they are gone or a huge downer.
Gaming Interrupted - Part Deux!
...because once wasn't enough!

Location: Reality

November 2011 and up to the present.

What Happened
And yet again, gaming came to an abrupt halt. Everyone had all sorts of things going on. There were new jobs, changing jobs, moving homes, surgeries, crime, stupid nosey neighbors, studying for certification tests, overtime, new pets and other time consuming activities.
Kings to Queens
...and down the rabbit hole...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit and later Tyr.

Campaign Date, Session 14: Marrow 18, 190 Kings Age

Here we go again
The party made camp for the night since they had a guaranteed safety from the Ghost King and his minions. Still, Reoth found himself distrusting the guarantee and made his camp outside the general area of the desolate city. The night passed without event and the next morning the party gathered back together and debated what to do next. They had a number of quests and some were pretty time sensitive. In the end they decided they would go to the city of Raam first. It was close, they could re-supply and Razspark had some business there that was important to finishing their plans in Tyr. The party set out and traveled through the scorching heat to the city of Raam. Fate smiled on them as their travel was uneventful in the way of enemies and bad weather.
A New Home
...sort of...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit and later Tyr.

Campaign Date, Session 13: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

The party made their way back to the damaged stairs and used a ritual to fix the broken pathway. Once that was done they went to the barred door and quietly unbarred it and opened it slightly. Everyone at the bottom of the stairs were pushed back by the powerful, rotting stink that came from the doorway. Razspark peeked in and took some rubble and tossed it into the room, hitting one of the many shambling undead that walked aimlessly throughout the room. That got their attention and suddenly the mass of undead rushed the door. Tearyn and Razspark barely go tthe door re-barred before the slam of undead bodies within it shook it from the many heavy impacts.
New Bargins
...and new obligations.

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit

Campaign Date, Session 12: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

The Temple
The party began the slow process of making their way from one room to another in the first floor of the underground temple. They found destroyed room after destroyed room. Collapsed walls blocked progress and took precious time to clear so the party could get through. In the old library and records room, they found their most interesting discovery. It was a secret door buit into the wall. The stone was hardier and heavier than anything the party had seen before. All efforts focused on opening the door. Ultimately, it was Devrak and his Knock ritual that solved the problem.
Gaming Interrupted!
...it happens to us all

Location: Reality

For September and part of October.

What Happened
So! our gaming sessions did acome to an abrupt halt. We had all sorts of things we had to deal with that came up real time for a number of players. It was all very exciting and kept everyone busy, but it really just halted our gaming compeltely.
The Long Way Home
...there and back again...and again...

Location: Edge of Dragon’s Bowl(approximately) and south of Lake Pit

Campaign Date, Session 11: Scorch 22, 190 Kings Age

A New Addition
Tearyn and Zyx made their way to Raam. Despite the heat and sandstorm, they faced no othe challenges. Once in the chaos that is Raam they quickly contacted the local chapter of House Ayran to help get them set up with a spot in the local market and in getting their goods sold. The entire trip was very anticlimactic, at least up to this point. It was on their last day in Raam, when they were setting out to the Delnar Ruins to meet up with the rest of the party, something strange happened.
Booyah Achieved!
...and taking names!

Location: Great Alluvial Sand Wastes (approximately)

Campaign Date, Session 10: Scorch 8, 190 Kings Age

Holding Patterns
The party spent the rest of the day performing a variety of activities. Some trained, some studied, some went over the gear and weapons and survival days necessary to ensure the trip through the hot deserts of Athas were as safe as possible. Tearyn prepared her edrlu to act as a pack mount. That night the party stayed on the farm and some members made a point to hide Razspark’s wineskins so he wouldn’t get too drunk and sleep the next day away. The next morning the party packed everything up and headed into the desert.
The Ritual
...sounds omnious...

Location: The Golden City

Campaign Date, Session 9: Scorch 7, 190 Kings Age

Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war)
The party got together over breakfast at the farm house and made sure they had their plans and were coordinated in case anything went wrong. During this discussion Razspark and Reoth got into a rather heated debate as the plans for the undead and the arena, prisoners and moving them to a new location as the whole plan was finally unveiled to the party. While no one was especially happy, Reoth immediately launched into a strong disagreement with Razspark regarding the Ghost King and Razspark’s plan to make money with them. While Razspark took the discussion to heart and considered a change in plans, he ultimately decided it was too late to back out now and thought it best to finish the arrangements he had already put into place and then just avoid doing any further work with them in the future. Reoth was less than pleased, but grudgingly accepted that Razspark at least took his words seriously.
Should I Stay
...or should I go?

Location: Tyr & Tyr Valley

Campaign Date, Session 8: Scorch 6, 190 Kings Age

Cockadoodle Erdlu
A soft knock on her door woke her up earlier than expected. Crystallis crawled from her bed and opened her door to be met by her friend Triel.

“I’m sorry to bother you so early, but Shoats and I have a problem that may mean the end of the farm and we think you’re the only one who can help us solve it.”

Crystaliss nodded and told him, “Go on.” How she hated mornings!

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