Elsha's People, The Shardminds

Quest Status: In Progress

Sutation: Until recently, Elsha believed her people were probably all but totally destroyed, though she learned from Zyx that some of her people still exist somehowere. They are trapped somewhere, underground and were used for experiements by the now dead Kalak. His death released whatever magics had shielded them and the Earth Spirits became aware of their existance.

Quest: Elsha wants to rescue and free her people and see them to some place of safety.

Information Learned:

  • The people are trapped deep underground somewhere.
  • Kalak had something to do with it, but he is dead now.
  • Kalak had her people imprisoned to siphon off their energy.
  • Tithian wants to free her people so they will support him or at least not oppose him. He is afraid they will be freed by another faction and oppose him and help topple his rule.
  • Captain Janus informed them of a ritual that can be used to attune her and find her people.
  • A cleansing ritual must be done before the actual ritual.
  • Two days time is needed before the ritual can be done.
  • The party is now ready to begin the search.

Steps Taken:

  • Assisted in waking Tearyn’s Battleaxe.
  • Reoth has researched Shardmind’s in hi Orders Archive.
  • A meeting was being set up between Captain Janus and Elsha.
  • A meeting for the Attunement Ritual has been set up.
  • Elsha has been cleansed and gone through the Attunement Ritual.

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Elsha's People, The Shardminds

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