Entry 1

After several failed attempts by the other party members I easily pushed the doors open and stepped in into the darkness. Having superior low light vision I quickly surveyed the room. It was a large room with huge piles of sand on either end and hundreds of burial tombs build into the massive support columns and walls. I noticed that most were open and had been looted so I made a mental note to open those undisturbed ones when the others weren’t with me. Speaking of others, they were still hovering around the open door waiting for me to give the “all clear”.

I was really feeling the need to kill something and went about poking the sand pile in hopes that it might be the home to a sand worm. My poking was answered with a moan and since sand worms don’t moan I jumped back to see what would surface. To my surprise and joy hordes of zombies started digging their way out. I could sense the fear in my fellow party members and I knew it was up to me to turn that fear into fight.

Raising my axe and bringing it down on the huge zombies skull with a ear shattering crash, my other hand swinging a massive battle hammer in an upward arc catching the zombie square in the chest and sending it flying into the wall some 25 feet away. This is all it took to shake their fear and get them in fighting mode. I must say for a party of non-gladiators they fought well and with my battle hardened skill we quickly reduced the hordes of zombies into quivering piles of gore.

After the battle we looted the re-dead and I concluded and zombies carry crap! This let down drove me to venture into the next room which was several times larger. In the room we found the battered body of a monk. The room housed hundreds, if not thousands of finial resting spots for the long dead. These too appeared to have been well searched through; this was quickly becoming a loot free quest.

Needless to say I was a bit irritated over this and started to move on to the next room when this shimmering figure appeared, hovering and blocking my path. “HALT” it commands on a booming voice and quickly lowered its tone as I raised my weapons. “You have… um, trespassed and require permission to continue… um, your quest in my realm, and um…” The figure says in a meek voice that trailed off as I approached. “What type of permission?” I demanded. I notice several of my fellow party member peaking around the columns watching and waiting for the events that were about to unfold.

The thing was visibly shaken by my boldness and hurriedly voiced his conditions for granted permission and then it vanished telling me to call him once we had decided on either battling him and his minions or marking me with some kind of time activated zombie bug if I don’t complete the task he begs of me in 29 days.

I called the others over and filled them in, most just wanted to leave. After informing them that it wasn’t an option they felt that in the best interest of the party I should take the mark. I was way ahead of them, while a battle would have suited me fine I felt that completing his task held, if worked correctly some money making possibilities. Might not be much in the way of loot now but I damn sure was going to make some bank in the near future.

I called thing back and watched him sigh with relief as I told him we had chosen the task over the battle. Thing hovered, mumbled something, threw some sparkly crap in my face and poked my arm. His poke left a burning sensation for a minute or two and that was about it. “You now have permission to room freely and complete your task. Take care not to attack my brethren or loot the remains of the dead.” He said turning an eye towards me. My only reply was “Mother Fu….

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Entry 1

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