Entry 3

“With great power comes greater responsibility.” It never made much sense to me when I first over heard those very words in a verbal exchange between two Governors standing near my cage at the arena years ago. I can no longer plead innocence to its meaning for I am more than the world’s greatest gladiator; I am also a man of commerce.

After emerging from the Catacombs of Endless Doom and although worn out from being on constant guard to insure the safety of my fellow adventures I split from the party and began to put my future commercial empire into motion while they limped back to farm house to lick their wounds.

I pulled the list from my pocket I had written during one the parties frequent potty breaks during our exit from the catacombs, it may have not been the best use of my time but at least it took my mind off their constant bitching and moaning. I swore to those who were once Gods that if I heard “Are we there yet?” one more time we were going to reach the surface a few members short.

List of Things to Do; …(7) Find another way to make GOLD (loot from adventures are not panning out)

(8) Party with my demon friend.
(9) Scout and find a suitable location for…

I scanned the dozen entries a couple of times but always found myself rereading the eighth entry. I concluded it was a sign and decided it was time to cross that one off the list.

The party was epic and I may even add it to my personal journal sometime in the near future to be passed down and sung around camp fires by fellow adventures for generations to come.

Once I had completed my party obligations I headed back to the Catacombs to speak with Sparkles. He was visibly shaken when I summed him. “Ra…Sir Razspark how may I serve you?” I pointed towards the body of the long dead monk and demanded that he give me his soul. He started to say something to me but stopped short as I again pointed toward the monk and started tapping my toe to show my annoyance. With a couple shacks of his hands and some strange chant I felt the soul of the monk enter my body. I was amazed how powerful it made me feel, he noticed it too and quickly fled through a wall.

I left and tracked down the monk (after speaking to my demon bud) to tell him the good news. He seemed a bit annoyed by my request to see his Grand Poo Baa, well maybe not by the request but because I insisted on calling the guy the Grand Poo Baa. We were taken to a large courtyard to meet the GPB. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was raking the sand around rocks. This concerned me, first because he is their leader and secondly he was RAKING SAND!

He put the rake aside, walked toward me, bowed and said “You more than yourself today.” “Uh yeah you could say that, I have one of your dead monk’s soul and while my demon bud really wants it I have decided to pass it on to you for your assistance in transporting dead to their new home. He quickly agreed that it was a good deal and said that several monks would be at my disposal when needed. With that he screamed and started shaking and rolling in the sand, jumped up, did several back flips, ran up drenched in sweat and punched me in the gut. I started to pull my axe when I got this overwhelming feeling that I had eaten a tainted 3 day old lizard burrito. Grabbing my butt I started running toward the raked sand to make a deposit but was tripped and found myself spread out on the ground lying on my belly with the GPB hopping up and down on my back. The sound was deafening as the soul departed my body, or as I like to refer to as defarted. The monk had the misfortune of taking the full force of the back blast and was looking quite green.

I left the monastery and headed back to the farm with the slickly monk in tow. After tucking him into bed I headed back to the city to continue working on my list. My next stop was the captain of the guard where I filled him in on the relocation and also no my idea of having some soul takers on hand to take the souls of the condemned in night games. He liked the idea and gave me a couple of names of the people who could make it happen.

Sparkles wasn’t going to be happy for I was about to pay him another visit. It took me a good hour to get him to appear, once he did I told of my plan to increase his ranks with night games and that I needed to employ some guards to protect the souls in transit to their new home. He told me that the guards would need a badge of sorts to move between the surface and the catacombs and the badges were to be made of true silver.

Back in the city I stopped by to speak to the captain of the guards and see if he could make some suggestions as to which guards wouldn’t mind making some side income. After explaining the arrangements he said he could furnish 11 guards as long as he could join too. With a 50/50 split of the gold and me getting first pick of any goods taken, I even left if up to him as to how much he paid the guards with his half of his split. He also gave me the name of a local smith who could make the badges.

I left the office and spotted the monk moving quickly through the streets. He had recovered and looked well rested, I ran to catch up with him and to find out what the rush was. He told me a man had come out to the farm looking to the crystal chick and had told him about a ritual that would locate the other crystal people and that he was heading to temple to speak to the head priest to find out was all involved in the ritual.

Once there we were led into a large park inside the main wall; this park also included a very big pond. I started walking toward the water while stripping off my clothes and was just about to jump in when the sound of 2 dozen bow strings being pulled tight stopped me in my tracks. Turning I pulled up my pants was looking for another place to pee when the priest stepped in front of me and explained that the pond was holy and to show his appreciation to me for not desecrating the pond he handed me a water skin and added the it was pure water. I thanked him, pulled the cork and took a swig. I had grown up hearing the wonders of pure water and how only a select few ever had the privilege of tasting it. Taste is not the word I would use to describe this stuff; however tasteless did come to mind and started me wondering if I mixed some Broy in would make it drinkable.

I continued to ponder this while listening to the priest and monks conversation. It went something like this, blah, blah, blah, blah, murdered workers in the cavern, blah, blah, blah in the desert, blah, blah, blah…

The monk and I left but I headed into the craft district while he headed back to the farm to tell the others. I went off to find the smith, who I soon found wouldn’t be hard to find. He was the only one working at this hour as any good Dwarf would be. He greeted me as I entered the shop and quickly sized me up. “Gladiator I see or should I say Arena Champion.” Was all he said and it was all I needed to form a lasting bond of friendship. I handed him one of my skins of wine and he grabbed two steins off of the mantle above the fireplace, filled them up and handed one back to me. We sat and drink while swapping stories of the games, he even pointed out the weapon hanging on the wall that he had used to gain his freedom. We emptied two more skins and got down to business. I learned that cost of true silver was more than I could make in the games in 5 years. I offered him a piece of the night game pie and the commission to build a proper day resting place for the 5 soul takers and any brickwork I required for the Inn/bar I planned to open. He said that was fine and gave me the name of man who could help in finding suitable property. He had to repeat himself because he was slurring his words. I left the drunken Dwarf and still feeling thirsty I went in search of bar to quench my thirst to try and figure out how to pay for the badges, as luck would have I stumbled onto another Drunken Dwarf and pushing my way through the door and demanded one of every drink he had and tossed a gold coin on the bar with instructions to keep them coming until it was used up.

After a couple hours the bar keep came over, placed a platter of meat and cheese on the table and asked if there was anything else I needed? I told him to tell me about two of the drinks I had set aside from the others he had given me and after explaining the two in detail he turned to leave. I stopped him by pushing a drink up to his face, “Drink” I demanded. He slowly took a sip and gave me an odd look. “This is good, what is.” He asked. I pointed to wine and think beerish stuff, “I mixed them, and do you think it would sell?” He started to answer but I cut him off grabbed the keg and tossed a couple more silver on the table as I ran for the door.

Once out the door I started singing “There’s trouble, trouble in Tyr my friends, with a capital T and rhymes with pee…” I finished blasting RAZ into the wall with a well aimed stream of recycled booze and continued on my way to pay Sparkles another visit. It was long past night fall when I noticed several figures flanking me; I had my hand on my axe and ready to swing it with all my might into the group as they closed in. I’ll never tell the party how close they came to having me rip into them. After filling each other in I continued on to my next meeting.

Back inside the catacombs I yelled for Sparkles to appear now or else. He popped up looked like he wanted to be someplace else. I demanded to know how he expected me to provide true silver. “I uh d-don’t understand.” He stammered. “True silver is everywhere…or it was when I was alive.” I looked at it and said that he must have been dead for a long time because true silver was not only hard to find but would cost a king’s ransom to purchase it. He turned and beckoned me toward the wall, as he floated through he said for me to push hard and follow. I did and soon found myself standing in treasure room. He pointed to a chest and said to open it and take only 2 gems. I opened it and told him I was going to take a large handful because I was thirsty, he apologized for falling to offer ample reward to keep me up to my ears in booze and barmaids. I told him not to let him happen again and dug in deeper making sure there were plenty of gems sitting on my arm up to my elbow when I pulled it out of the chest. He didn’t look pleased but I didn’t care. I them told him about the cavern in the desert containing lost souls and told him if he gave me a pocket spook I’d make sure those souls would be added to his ranks; I also added I didn’t want a flunky spook and top dog kind of spook. He assured me the soul taker he was handing me was one of the most powerful of those he controlled.

I left and headed to the farm to grab some much needed shut eye.

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Entry 3

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