Entry 6

RazSpark’s Sacrifice.

I was tired of listening to all the whimpering and how it wasn’t fair that we encountered the almost indestructible statutes before getting out of the first room and how we were all going to die in here and blab, blab, blab… I stood and shouted “Shut up you bunch of babies, what did you expect…” My shouts were drowned out by loud heavy sobs, I had crossed the line and now I had to make it right. They were defeated and it would be up to me to get them moving again. I pointed to one of the decimated statutes and said “I have fought many of battles in the arena and I have to tell you my friends this was by far the toughest engagement I have ever encountered, had it not been for your superior fighting skills we would be but a pile of bloody pulp in the middle of this room.” The sobs had turned to sniffles and all heads were turned towards me, I took it as a good sign and continued on. “Now we can sit here and complain about how hard we had it or we can thank the Gods, that once were, that I was here to turn the tides and bring an end to that evil!” Pointing to the statue shards I walked over and picked up the largest piece I could and slammed it into the wall and turning the shard into dust. “This is what you were so fearful of?” I asked turning and letting the dust sift through my fingers.

“HELL NO” came their cry in unison and they all got to their feet looking to me for direction. I picked the rubble filled hallway to the right of the entrance. Once we had it cleared we moved through the hall and into a large room that once housed records and books, most had been burned along with the shelves where they had once sat. We surveyed the room for anything of value when we noticed that one wall was really a huge double door. The door was cool to the touch and unlike any stone any of us had ever seen or heard of. I at once began a plan to sell it to the Dwarves, but first we had to figure out how to open it. Seeing the tight seam that divided the doors I quickly ran off to fashion some wedges from the petrified front door.

Upon my return I placed one at the seam and hit it with my warhammer, the wedge shattered and left no mark on the door. I stepped back and asked for suggestions. After rejecting over a dozen asinine ideas we decided it was sealed with magic. So I put the caster to work and in no time he had broken the seal. Time to test it I thought and grabbed another wedge, but this time when I slammed my warhammer home I was awarded with a slight grinding sound and one of the doors slightly moving. I continued pounding larger and larger wedges into the ever growing space until Tearyn could crawl in and start pushing. By the time we had it open enough to walk through single file we noticed a slight glow coming from what appeared to be a trough at the end of the room. Taking our time we slowly made our way to the source of the glow, it appeared to be a trough of glimmering WATER. I started to move toward it but was stopped by one of our casters who said the glow was based on magic. I thought back to my youth and recalled a story of the old days when water was plentiful and everyone had wells in their yards. So to give thanks to the Gods they would toss an offering in the well. Tearyn too remember such stories so she tossed in a gold coin. I stared at here is disbelief and thought, “Really a single gold coin, when water is so highly prized you toss in one coin?” Acting quickly before the water took offence I pulled out my most prized possession and poured it into the water; I’m more than sure a dozen tears followed my last keg of Dwarvin brew into the trough.

The water formed into women with several breast in places where breast should not be, yet I was still aroused. She spoke in a gurgling sound not unlike the sound the gladiator who spit on my daily crust of bread made when I sat on his back forcing his face in the a mud puddle until he stopped moving. Tearyn was answering the water, guess I was lost in thought and missed the question. In a nutshell we need to find or produce a medallion to gain access to the Water Guardian who would then answer more questions.

The multibrested women descended into the trough and we set off to find the medallion and explore what other wonders were before us. The next two rooms provided nothing. Well that isn’t completely true; we did find the switch to turn off the statues. We then proceeded to remove more rubble and expose another hall which ended into a small room with very large holes in the floor of each corner.

After the monk checked for traps I led a small group into the room and past the first two holes where I noticed a door to my left. I had the monk once again check for traps, he gave me the all clear signal so I took a step toward the door had heard a “click” followed by a sound that sent shivers up my spine, so you can imagine what it did to the others. A large black tentacle emerged from each of the four holes in the floor, Tearyn slammed into one hacking at it with her axe, they then proceeded to beat the snot out of her as I starting hacking away at the one nearest to me. Pieces fell away and vanished like smoke, we were dealing with magic again.

The battle lasted several rounds with dispel magic being the main weapon in the fight. I made a mental note to buy our caster a round of drinks and make the monk take point for now on. We started to moved on to the next room when I decided to have a look down the hole and leaning over with a light I spotted lots of shinny objects. Before the word “Treasure” left my lips Tearyn dove off the edge, only my quick reflexes saved her from certain death. I suggested she tie a rope around her feet and I would lower her down, she blushed in embarrassment and said that she had gotten overly excited about finally finding treasure! Down she went and we brought up a king’s ransom along with a few magic items and the much needed medallion. Satisfied we had picked the room clean we backtracked to the water chick to see if the medallion worked. After tossing in a handful of gems she once again formed in front of us but only spoke to Tearyn. After a long description of her duties and history of the lake that involving something called fish (Which I decided was a type rock you used to beat the dirt from clothes but chose to save that bit trivia for a future bar bet) and that Tearyn and “party” now owned the rights to the water she protected. I asked how much water, it ignored me so I looked at Tearyn and she asked. The water chick answered enough to cover the entire lake bed in one foot of water, I starting doing calculations in my head. I noticed the others doing calculations too, one had even taken off his shoes and was counting his toes. I looked at Tearyn and then focused in on the rest of the party and said, “That comes to a little over 1.5 billion gallons of fresh water.” Those not seated fell to ground as it sunk in that we were now the richest people on the planet.

“Our troubles are over.” I shouted “We can house the dead here and leak word of a water source to draw people in and the dead can claim their souls and…” The Monk was giving me a dirty look so I reminded him that he still had point. Not feeling rich enough we decided to further explore the place. Retracing our footsteps we made it into the room next to where we had found all the treasure. This room was of newer construction and this room in particular was a room of death, not ours but who ever once owned all these bones. Searching we found nothing of value except an old almost dried vat of acid, I suggested we fill our empty oil flasks with the acid and someone else mentioned we could cast a spell that would cork the flasks. We left the room with 9 bottles of very concentrated acid.

The next few rooms were empty except for old bones. Emerging from what once was a large kitchen we noticed a hallway and down the hallway was a room and in that room was a book shelf full of books that looked to be new. As we entered the hall I spotted a set of double doors slightly open and through the doors I could see a magnificent rug depicting a knight fighting a dragon and it too looked in mint condition.

We first tackled the bookcase; it was decided to try dispelling magic which turned out to be the correct choice. The Boy was jumping around like a kid in a sweets shop over all the new books he now had. We headed next to the rug and he was just about to cast another dispel magic spell when I sent a large rock skipping across it. From the rug came a deep voice “Beware the dead walk below.” Noticing the rug no longer glowed I rolled it up and tucked it away thinking how awesome it is going to look above the bar. Heading down the staircase we encountered a large section that had been destroyed so Tearyn cast Make Whole and poof we had stairs again. We started back down when the moans of the dead stopped us in our tracks.

Entry 6

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