Entry 7

Crystaliss Drops Acid

The moans grew loader as we reached the landing in front of the bared door. Tearyn removed the bar and I slowly pulled the door open for a quick look. Using my low light vision I spotted several humanoid figures shambling around the in the large room. I opened the door a little wider and still they took no notice so I bent down and picked up a fist sized chunk of rock that had fallen from the a nearby wall, took aim and threw it at one of the walking corpse in the center of the room. At moment of contact the meat sack turned, screamed and ran full speed toward me with several others following. I slammed the door and Tearyn dropped the bar in place as the group hit the door with a deafening crash.

We all gathered at the landing to plan out strategy not realizing the dead on the other side of the door were intensely listening and understanding our every word. We decided to stack debris in the landing so once the door was opened it wouldn’t completely open and leave the dead in bottle neck as they funneled through the small opening allowing us to pick them off one at a time. We all moved to the top of the stairs as a couple of us grabbed items to fill the landing at the base of the stairs. I had just tossed down a bookcase and was heading back up the stairs when the door crashed open snapping the bar in half and turning the bookcase into kindling. I hesitated for a moment to turn and spotted two bounding of at me in breakneck speed. Before retreating up the stairway I hit one with my weapon, slowing him slightly.

The others had moved in position by the time I got to them. The dead funneled into the stairwell and the casters let them have it, by the time they reached Reoth the first three were showing signs battle damage. I think we all felt that these didn’t pose more of a threat than a few scrapes, brushes and being splattered with maggot guts and that all changed when the dead nearest to Reoth lashed out and left him paralyzed and bloody. The next one struck at me and I felt my body go numb. Our caster launched a couple of attacks and him being so young and excited the first attack went off prematurely but he pulled himself from the embarrassing situation and launched the second with great success and leaving the entire group of undead save one effected by his magic blast.

Reoth came out of his daze and pounded the ones surrounding him into piles of re-dead goo. Crystaliss pulled her bow and let an acid blast arrow fly with devastating effect. We all stopped for a moment and watched as twelve walking dead dissolved into a larger puddle of gore. I smiled and decided that all those years I had forced her to practice were paying off. Only their leader was left standing and Tearyn took that as a personal challenge which she met when a charge down the ooze covered stairs only to slip and land at the dead leader’s feet. The leader smiled, his jaw came unhinged and a mouthful of maggots fell on Tearyns head, she start to curse but the leader backhanded her and sent her sliding across the gore covered landing where she laid frozen, limbs in the air like some comical road kill. We all raced down the stairs and promptly put an end to leader; I hacked off his head to add to my trophy room collection.

We swept the room and found a little treasure and a couple of decent obsidian weapons before descending into the lower levels of the temple. Here we found little more than hundreds of desecrated crypts. I released Sir.Buck Wheat, former Knight of the king’s elite guard from some long forgotten kingdom and now my personal Soul Taking Device. I asked if he sensed anything and his reply was that he could feel hundreds of very weak spirits. “This is a perfect place for the Ghost King.” I told the party, the monk gave me one of those looks. I’m not 100% sure yet but I think the monk is hitting on me.

We all headed back up to the room of the Water Element so Tryen could clean up and while the element was out we threw her a number of questions. We discovered we could move her to any location of out choosing so we emptied all of out water skins into the large cook pot formed from the skull of some giant beast and had the element place herself in the skins and barrel. “You do not have enough vessels for me to travel in, I shall abort the transfer.” Came the gurgling voice of the Element followed by the enter group shouting “RazSpark” in an accusing voice. I pulled barrel I had hidden under my duster and slowly poured my booze onto the dirt floor and openly sobbing at the last drop hit the ground. We now had room to transport the element, granted it was only a six day march back to town but I still consider cutting my wrists rather than going sober for a week.

Once in town we put our plans to work, first stop was Clan Battle Hammer to drink and offer the stone door as a gift and insuring out full membership into the clan. They marveled at the smoothness of the stone and said that is was Heart Stone which is mined deep in the mountains and inquired as to how large the door was that needed to be retrieved. Their mouths watered as I told them about 200 sq ft. We then mentioned that we needed them to construct a large container to hold water or to be more precise a Water Element who protected 1.5 billions gallons of fresh water. Their jaws hit the floor and dollar sign formed in their eyes once they realized their newest members would make them the richest clad in the world even if they couldn’t revile the secret of the Water Element.

We then set off to purchase several pieces of property which we proceeded to either demolish or rebuild to Dwarf construction standards or have the Dwarfs modify and reinforce. While the construction projects were underway we loaded up the Ghost King, his people and treasure and transported them to temple ruins by the dry lake bed. The King was pleased and was willing to renegotiate our arena soul transfer deal as to how the guards would be paid. I asked if Sir. Buck Wheat was willing could he remain with me. The Ghost King said he would grant my request on completion of the deal we had struck.

“But we just transported you here and that was the deal.” I protested. “You were also tasked to find me a wife.” was his reply. The monk was looking at me again and it made me feel dirty and caused me to question his purity. I started to protest again then it hit me like the fist from the angry husband who came home to find me in bed with his wife and daughter it all came rushing back as to how I got myself and the party into this situation. Simply put I’m very agreeable when drunk.

“Look guys it’s just a quick stop and a trip back here and then we can go about our business of getting rich and finding Elisha’s people.” They didn’t seem pleased so to lessen the task at hand I asked the Ghost King the run down on the location and the quickest way in to get her all the while hoping it would be an easy trip to the grave yard and little digging. No such luck, to retrieve her we would have to fight some guardians and head to her room at the top of some temple and grab her. I asked if he had something to aid us in completing the task successfully. Without saying a word he turned towards a doorway and after a few minutes a zombie stumble through and opened her hand reviling a ring.

“What does the ring do?’ I asked. He replied it will aid you in many ways but it has a dark side and only the purest of you should wear it. Knowing it was meant for me I reached out for it only to be stopped by the monk. For what seemed like hours the monk stared at the ring before taking it and placing the ring on his finger. He looked at me again and I hoped it didn’t mean that by him taking the ring that was meant for me he didn’t think we were now going steady. The Ghost King smiled and said “Take care with my future bride and don’t attacker her just because she is a Litch.” The monk stopped, turned and looked hard at me, it creeped me out and at that very moment I decided to only sleep with my butt pressed tightly against a wall, bolder or rotting animal carcass.

Entry 7

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