Entry 8

RazSpark Builds an Empire

We left the city of Crypt and headed toward Raam to conduct some business and unwind before setting off to rescue the Litch. Reoth was still whining about the stupid ring and to take his mind off of it I even offered to get him laid once we were in town. His answer was little more than a growl; I made a mental note not to invite the monk to the orgy.

We hit town mid morning and the party separated into smaller groups each with their own tasks in mind. I headed off to brothel with Crystaliss, Tearyn and the kid in tow. The place was huge and we were led into the dining room where we were seated and handed menus. Noting the menus didn’t have prices I concluded our reputation had preceded us and that the meal and drinks were on the house so we ordered a little of everything. The food and assorted wines and ales were amazing. The kid trying to offend the serving wench ordered only water and ignoring her sexual advances resulted in her presenting us with a bill, a very large bill I might add. Looking at it and shaking my head I told everyone to hand over 40 gold coins each and that Merrix and I would cover the sizeable remainder of the bill and tip. The serving wench departed with a 105 gold in hand and said she would have the remaining portions of food wrapped up and placed in a to go basket for us.

After the filling brunch I presented our letter of introduction to our hostess, who after taking and reading it she said. “It is a pleasure to have the Arena Grand Champion take time to visit the lady of the house, please follow me.” We started to follow when Merrix spoke up and asked if he was needed in the meeting or could he “look around”. Tearyn looked sternly at Marax and told him he could go on his own as long as he behaved. He smiled and gave me a high five and we set off to explore…”Razspark! Where the hell are you going!” Demanded Tearyn. “I’m going with Marax to keep him out of… trouble?” I shouted from the top of the landing leading into private party rooms. “Get your ass down here; we have business to attend too.” “But the women… and booze…and the women…” I was interrupted by Marax making the sound of a cracking whip. “You best get going Raz or she will make me come back too. I’ll leave you a few still standing; that is if you don’t spend all day conducting business.” He said as he gave me a gentle shove down the stairs to help make up my mind.

Slowly making my way back to the group I noticed an older highly refined woman walking toward the party. We arrive at about the same moment. Tearyn was giving me a dirty look, Crystaliss just shook her head and the kid was licking his lips and staring at the curtain Marax had gone through. I bowed to the lady and asked if she were the owner. She stated that she was and that she was also honored to meet the current Arena Champion. Taking my hand and leading me toward her private chambers she nodded toward the hostess who then instructed the others to follow, but no closer than ten feet she insisted.

Once in her office I was offer the cushioned chair in front of her highly polished wood and metal desk. Before sitting on the opposite side of the desk she pointed toward a stone bench in the corner for the others. As we discussed my desire to open a brothel her face lit up and she said “Have I got a deal for you.” We spent the next two hours hammering out the deal of a lifetime and then she took us on a tour to show us what we had just invested in. The tour lasted just over an hour and ended not far from where Marax was throwing the party. I thanked our host I asked if she would mind if we sampled some of the live stock. She smiled and said we could sample anything under her roof. I looked deeply into her eyes and said “Anything”, her breathing increased, her face flushed as she replied “Yes, for you anything my Grand Champion”. Slapping her on the back I shouted “Awesome I’m off to join Marax and I suggest that the rest of you go enjoy yourselves and get what ever it is out of your system because we have a huge battle before us.” As I was walking away I pointed toward the boy and shouted to Crystiliss and Tearyn not to let him get broken.

I enter the room and spotted Marax left foot sticking out from under a mound of pulsating women flesh, I ripped off my clothes and dove on top causing the bed to collapse sending most of us tumbling to the floor. We all laughed as those still on the bed made their way to the floor. Our fun was interrupted by Reoth opening the door, stumbling and falling into one of the women. As luck would have it he landed face down into some very large supple breast, looking up to apologize to the woman he had just violated he got more that he had bargained for, Marax too had desired this woman and he at that very moment was moaning and straddling her face, needless to say Reoth got an eye full if you get my meaning.

Traumatize by his encounter Reoth got up and left without a word. Merax caught my eye and mumbled that monks are so rude, I agreed with him and went back to the business at hand. As the women wore out they were replaced so our numbers never fell below eight. Stopping for a drink I noticed all the kegs were empty and since marax seemed occupied I grabbed a piece of cloth to cover myself and headed downstairs to resupply the keg. Somewhere along the journey to the bar I lost my loin cloth. I spotting Reoth sitting at one of the tables, his head in his hands and he appeared to be crying. Feeling sorry for him and knowing that he was embarrassed over his rude departure I yelled across the room and asked if he would help me search for my loin cloth. He looked up and just starred at me and kept starring with those eyes that made me feel so dirty, I tried to cover myself with bowl of fruit but he just kept starring. Trying to ignore those eyes I changed course and stumbling to the bar I asked for more ale to be delivered to our party room. Hoping my detour would cause Reoth to return to his sobbing had failed because out of the corner of my eye I noticed Reoth had gotten up and was walking toward me, feeling uncomfortable over his quick approach I turned to ask him to stop and back off. I’m not sure if it was the booze, the rich food, the creepy vibe he was giving off as her reached out for me or just the act of me turning my head so quickly but when he touched my neck I passed out.

I awoke the next morning with my neck and ass throbbing. When I inquired about my sore ass the Monk told me I had passed out and slipped off the stool hitting the floor hard. Seeing that look in his eyes I was starting to have my doubts about the validity of his story and my sore backside, when asked about it his deep growl only confirmed my suspicions.

While enjoying my hearty breakfast I was informed that some of the party had been out on the town and had been attacked by the same band of assassins I had scared off several weeks earlier. The news was that they had prevailed by killing all of the assassins. I sat back, smiled and thought to myself of the times I pushed them and how it was now starting to pay off and that they really could make it on their own in the real world. I recalled a story the elders told about father who sent his only son into the wilderness with instructions not to come back until he became a man and of the joy he felt upon seeing his son reenter village wearing the skins of his predators. I never really understood how that joy could feel until today. With my meal finish and the dining room quickly filling up with hungry citizens I grabbed the bill and loin cloth off of the table and set off to find my clothes. On the way out I handed the bill to the hostess and pointed to Reoth sitting in the corner nursing a cup of tea and told her he would cover the cost of my meal.

The room resembled the aftermath of a major battle, bodies littered the floor mainly because all of the furniture had been rendered into splinters. The upstairs hostess was standing in the door frame demanding payment for the damage. As I tried to tidy up while getting dressed I found Marax under what was left of the door, he was still passed out when I hefted him up on my shoulder. From downstairs I heard Reoth scream my name and his feet hitting the stairs, I turned to hostess and said “The man rushing up the stairs will take care of the damages, he ask me to tell you that he was very sorry and that he takes full responsibility for his actions of last night and he also wanted to know if there was a back door for future needs and that I should go check it out?

She pointed to a small door that lead to balcony and then turned to confront the Reoth. Marax bounced several times before coming to rest from the fourth floor drop. Using any outcropping I could find I had made it to the second floor before Reoth reached the balcony, seeing him I let go and dropped the rest of the way. He started to climb over the railing but the hostess began pulling him back over and demanding payment. As we rounded the corner I turned to see if he was following but he was now flanked by three huge guards and a screaming woman, the last move I saw him make was to reach for his money pouch. Marax still draped over my shoulder asked if we could stop somewhere for a drink, spotting the broken sign of The Naked Skank on a shabby building at the end of alley and not being pressed for time I told him that was an awesome idea.

Entry 8

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