Entry 83

Visited the Dwarven blacksmith today, found that piping in our own water would probably cost more than it was worth. Raz and I figured that it would be more profitable and smart to possibly find our own source of water and bring it in daily by caravan. The dwarf also let us try some Dwarven Fire Wine. It was delicious, had a mild burn going down, though I think Raz thought it was a heavy burn. Not sure why his voice sounded raw for the next hour. We did work out a deal with the dwarf to sell his wine with the wine seller Raz was already in business with. Raz and the wine seller worked out a deal for the dwarven wine and we then went back and told the dwarf about it. He then had his nephew, Bronn, take us to Villa Battlehammer to show us the distillery. Bronn is a very handsome dwarf. Very well formed and beautiful bright green eyes. The villa itself was remarkable, very much built for surviving an invasion.

Raz then left to visit the arena while Bronn took me around the rest of the villa.

We spent a lot of time talking and drinking. I learned he is an apprentice smith under Davers. I also learned from the other dwarves that Bronn is not only Davers nephew but the heir to the Battlehammer clan. I very much enjoyed my time with him and would love to spend a lot more time with him. We agreed to meet again later.

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Entry 83

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