Fun Trivia

There are some really fun things that happen around the table and I thought we’d put up a section to record some of the things that we take for granted that no one else sees.

Elsha’s player is perhaps the luckiest die roller ever. She can roll multiple natural 20’s in a row. Some of the House Rules exist, simply because she deserved some kind of special recognition in game for constantly rolling them. It’s a good thing her character is so unique, so it makes a certain amount of sense she has some “DM’s Grace”. Every roll has been verified and I’ve even rolled her dice and don’t get the same number of 20’s that she does (the DM). She was awarded the first story point because she did the first instant kill in the campaign. It’s also not the only instant kill she has managed.

Razspark’s player is my older brother. He is also the schemer. He is constantly coming up with off the wall ideas to try as well as trying to find a way to economically take over any campaign he plays in that I DM. Story Point Options 4 and 8 were designed specifically with him in mind. As odd as he plays Razspark, it seems to have some kind of self-centered-twisted-genius concept that he could come up with ideas that might work. Even if he isn’t a genius. But sometimes genius and stupidity are two sides of the same coin.

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