Razspark's Business Venture

Quest Status: In Progress

Situation: Razspark has decided he does not want to pay for his food, wine and wenches anymore. His idea is to start his own full service Inn/Tavern/Brothel.

Quest: Establish a full service Inn/Tavern/Brothel.

Information Learned:

  • Jeros Corval informed them to check out those establishments in RAAM.
  • Jeros said there is a market for the Demontouch Wine.
  • Jeros will pay 10 gold per keg of it.
  • Kastille needs to be talked to about building permits
  • Davers will help build his tavern or repair an existing building
  • Visited Kastile and found a location for his new property.
  • Given letter of introduction to Madame Lamont in Raam.
  • Made deals with Davers for sale of dwarven brews (beer, ale and fire-whiskey).
  • Made additional deal with Jeros for selling Daver’s brews.
  • Business in’s and out’s for operation.

Steps Taken:

  • Provided Jeros Corval with a sample of Demontouch Wine to start a product line.
  • Razspark provided 5 kegs of Demontouch wine.
  • Deals with the Ghost King to set up night games, transpot undead back and forth, hiring of guards, all in an attempt to set up a flow of money to pay for getting his buisnesses set up.
  • Made deals with the currenty property owners to work for him once he has his new location built.
  • Made bargins with the Battlehammer’s to rennovate the business properties.
  • Met Madame Lamont and obtained her services and her daughter Auroa’s services to help get the business running and people trained. Also providing initial workers.

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Razspark's Business Venture

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