The Free City

Tyr lies in a small valley among the foothills of the Ringing Mountains. Although not the largest city of the Tablelands, it is considered one of the most important due to its political clout, location, and great (by Athasian standards) reserves of Iron ore in the nearby mountains.

A single caravan trading route connects Tyr to the network of roads that link the major cities of the Tablelands. East of Tyr, across the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes, lie The Tablelands. This is not to imply that elven traders do not use other routes of their own devising, but there is only a single navigable pass for the larger caravans. The nearest city-state is Urik, City of Lions, to the Northeast.

Tyr was ruled by the sorcerer-king Kalak until his overthrow on the verge of his ascension. It is now the only free city of the region, banning the practice of slavery. It shares much in common with its historical quasi-namesake Tyre, including a monopoly over purple dye.

At a Glance:

  • Governance: Dictatorship with Council of Advistors.
  • Population: Roughly 15,000
  • Water: 17 public wells. Each is protected by a Tyrian Guard detachment. Each citizen is entitled to one hand-carried container of water per day.
  • Supplies: A wide variety of of basic supplies are available in the Caravan and Merchant Districts as well as the Elven Market in the Warrens. Most days, a ragtag bazaar springs up near the Stadium of Tyr.
  • Defense: The Tyrian Guard, The Scarlet Helms (Noble District) and King Tithian’s Shadow Ward.
  • Inns and Taverns: The Caravan District and the Merchant District have more than thirty inns and an equal number of taverns between them. The Warrens offers more squalid spaces, including abandoned buildings that host squatters.

Current Status of Tyr

The various factions are vying for control of the city-state to keep it from disintigrating into anarchy at the hands of people eager to enjoy their freedom. Nobles and merchants clamor for influence, and commoners and freed slaves openly celebrate, challenging civic authority and social boundaries at every turn. Templars are trying to enforce the new laws of Tyr and King Tithian only holds his crown due to the sufferance of the factions who aren’t powerful enough right now to overthrow him.

Factions of Tyr
Gangs of the Warrens
Recent History of Tyr
Area around Tyr


City Emblems
Lodgings and commonly known Restaurants, Inns and Taverns.


  • The Caravan District – Primary trade and visitor’s district.
  • The Artisan District – The secondary trade district.
  • The Smith’s District – Industry district, slave pits, etc.
  • The Merchant’s District – Trading houses and emporiums.
  • The Noble’s District – Residences and sophisticated shops.
  • The Warrens – Warren’s Gate, The slums.
  • The Stadium of Tyr – The gladiatorial stadium.
  • The Ziggurat of Kalak – Forbidden area. Defilier device.
  • The Golden City – Restricted are. Templars and high administration.
  • The Golden Tower – King Tithian’s domains
  • The Under-Tyr – Acient ruins, sewers, catacombs, celears, shrines, tombs, etc.

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