Baffling Duster

Razspark's Legacy Item


Razspark’s Duster (Baffling Cape – Blade Dancer’s Regalia)

Adventurer’s Vault 2 p96 Level 3+

This rippling duster allows you to slip past an attacking foe.

Level 3 +1 Level 18 +4
Level 8 +2 Level 23 +5
Level 13 +3 Level 28 +6
Item Slot: Neck Weight: 1 lb.

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will +1
Blink Swap (Encounter ◊ Teleportation): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you misses you with a melee attack. Effect: Swap positions with the triggering enemy.
Dust Blast (Encounter ◊ Area Burst 2 in Range 5): Minor Action. The wearer must move at least half his total movement in a Move action. The wearer creates a dust storm which reduces creatures attack and defense by -2 if they are in the area of effect (Combine with Shifting Colors for a -4 to be hit). The effect lasts until the end of the encounter.
Damage Reduction (Encounter): Minor Action. The duster provides a general damage reduction of 5 points per source of damage until the wearer’s next turn.

Level 18 +10 damage reduction Level 28 +15 damage reduction

Pouches of Holding (27): The pouches of this duster act as miniature Bags of Holding with the following limitations: (12 – 4×7) holds 2.5 lbs. or up to .25 cubic foot in volume. (6 – 6×9) holds up to 6 lbs. or up to .5 cubic feet in volume. (4 – 9×14) holds up to 8 lbs. or up to 1 cubic feet in volume (for a total of 98 lbs. and 10 cubic feet of volume). Drawing an item from any them is a minor action.
Shifting Colors: Free Action. The wearer of the duster is able to have it shift colors. This effect can be used to provide a +2 bonus to stealth checks.


The duster was previously owned by Razsparks father, RazDigger. The duster was originally a magic cloak, but RazDigger found it to be cumbersome and in one of the few, esoteric mountainside village in the Ringing Mountains, he purchased a rare type of leather and had the cloak fit and sewn into a duster for him to wear.

It was shortly after that, he noticed that the duster started to take on additional properties after having been bonded to the leather from some unnamed monster. He wore the duster for many years, but as more and more people noticed it’s dirty, but pristine condition, he realized it was drawing too much attention and decided it was best to hide it and so buried it in the bottom of his explorer’s pack.

Baffling Duster

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