Elder's Shardmind Staff

Elsha's Legacy Item


Elder’s Shardmind Staff (Staff of Psicraft)
The crystal staff shapes psionic energy and reveals arcane secrets. By channeling energy into the staff, you can recover your own expended psionic energy.

The staff forms in your hand, slowly growing and taking shape as you summon it.

Player’s Handbook 3 p211 Level 5+
Level 1 +1 Level 20 +4
Level 10 +2 Level 25 +5
Level 15 +3 Level 30 +6

Implement (Staff)
Enhancement: +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +1d8 damage per plus
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Arcana checks.

Level 15 +2 item bonus Level 25 +3 item bonus

Property: Minor Action. The wielder may call the staff and form it from her body or return it to her body when it isn’t being utilized. If the staff is taken out of possession of the wielder it dissolves in 1 round and must then be summoned.
Psi Blast (Encounter ◊ Augmentable): Free Action. Trigger: You make a psionic area or close attack using this staff. Effect: The size of the attack’s blast or burst increases by 1.

* Augment 2: You regain the use of this power in the same encounter.

Maelstrom (Encounter ◊ Augmentable, Area Burst 1 in Range 10): Minor Action. Int Mod + Enhancement vs. Reflex. This creates an area of swirling, purple that deals +2d8 psionic damage to all creatures in the storm and shifts them 1 square in a random direction and leaves them dazed until the start of your next turn.

* Augment 1: +3d8 psionic damage.
* Augment 2: Burst 2 and shifts all creatures 2 squares in a random direction.

Void Prison (Encounter ◊ Range 5): Minor Action. Int Mod + Enhancement vs. Will. The target is banished into a swirling, purple void prison and reappears at the beginning of your next turn.

* Augment 1: +2d8 psionic damage.
* Augment 2: Multiple targets banished in a Area Burst 1.
* Augment 3: +4d8 psionic damage.

Power Store: Free Action usable once per day. The staff can store psionic power. The wielder may store or draw it with the maximum being equal to the Prime Stat Bonus + Enhancement Bonus of the staff.


Not every Shardmind has a staff akin to this one. Elsha remembers that the Great Elder had a crystal staff and it was used in a creation ritual for her people. However, Elsha does not remember how she came into possession of this staff, only that she did have possession of it and she absorbed it and made it a part of her somehow, to keep it safe.

Elder's Shardmind Staff

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