Marax, The Demon Wind

Tearyn Legacy Item

weapon (melee)

Marax, the Demon Wind (Intelligent Vanguard Battleaxe – Awakened)

Adventurer’s Vault p81 Level 3+

Favored by soldiers on the frontline, this weapon makes any charge formidable.

The empty eyes in the skull of the battle axe fill with a misty red that leaves lingering trails in the air as the wielder readies for battle. The wind fills with a soft, eerie howling as the battle axe is swung.

Level 3 +1 Level 18 +4
Level 8 +2 Level 23 +5
Level 13 +3 Level 28 +6

Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 damage per plus
Property: Do +2d8 damage on any successful charge, +3d8 using Demonic Charge
Demonic Charge (Encounter): Minor action. Make a flying charge attack on a red wind. If you hit with your charge attack, all allies within 10 squares of you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and gain your Charisma bonus as a bonus to damage rolls until the start of your next turn.
Demon Wind (Encounter ◊ Close Blast 3 or Close burst 1): Standard Action. Ranged Basic Attack vs. Reflex. Red wind blasts from the skull eye sockets to strike an area or explode around the wielder. Targets take +1d8 force damage and are shifted 1 square in a random direction.

Level 13 +2d8 extra force damage Level 18 Close Blast 4/Burst 2
Level 23 +3d8 extra force damage Level 28 +4d8 extra force damage

Blood Cyclone (Encounter ◊ Ray 5): Minor Action. Ranged Basic Attack vs. Will. Red wind cyclone from the skull eyes doing +2d8 force damage, shifting all targets 1 square to the sides of the ray and heals the wielder two healing surges.

Level 10 +3d8 extra force damage Level 20 +4d8 extra force damage

Power Store: Free Action usable once per day. Marax can store psionic power. The wielder may store or draw it with the maximum being equal to the Prime Stat Bonus + Enhancement Bonus of the battleaxe.
Communication: Telepathy 20’, Speech (Only Transformed)
Persona: Marax is lascivious, capricious and easily distracted by whatever may catch his interest, save he loves the thrill of battle. His voice is smooth and has a calming, seductive quality and he enjoys using his skills to help his wielder. He has details knowledge of angelic and demonic history and interrogation.
Transformation: Marax is able to shift between his battleaxe shape and a humanoid shape at will or at the command of his wielder. This is detailed below.
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Supernal, Abyssal
Skills: Marax grants a +2 bonus to history checks involving the distant past of Athas, demons and angels as well as to bluff or intimidate checks in relation to manipulating humanoids.


Item Quirk: Repainted many times to conceal appearance

Background: The battleaxe was originally forged by Brun Wildhammer, the greatest dwarven weapon forge master of his age. The weapon was forged for the chaos of the fallout of Celestial Wars between angels and demons. In an effort to help the angels in battle, Brun took the skull of a fallen demon and with the aid of a great wizard, bound back the demon into his own skull so that his powers were turned against his own kind. When the Pristine Tower was activated, Marax fell into a deep slumber.

During the final battle which left both sides too destitute to fight, the weapon’s bearer was slain and the weapon was lost. It fell to Athas and was eventually recovered by Dufarling Mineshadow who found the battleaxe buried deep in the ground that was being used to make burrows for the homes of his people in Forest Ridge. He was never a great warrior and so he kept the weapon and hung it above his mantle and as his sons grew, he passed it along to the most promising warrior. That tradition has held for around a thousand years.

Awakening: Marax can only be awakened with an Enchant Magic Item ritual at a Place of Power.

Transformation: Marax can transform into a humanoid form and appear exactly as a slim human, with pointed elven like ears; only they are much more pointed. His hair is short, spiky and red and his eyes are a coal black. He has a very fair skin complexion and stands around 5’5” tall. His voice is smooth, pleasant and light. Though this form is made of demonic flesh, he can enjoy eating and drinking and other vices and will happily engage in them if allowed. Once he is given clothing he is able to make it appear as he wants it to appear and likes to change it up every time he is allowed to roam about in humanoid form. If he is injured, he will transform back into his battleaxe form. He is not skilled with using any weapons or armor but is able to use his full range of Wind Powers in defense of himself or his wielder only. This drains his power and makes him a dormant version of his base weapon until an extended rest is taken. He is extremely resistant to heat and fire, has an instant cast minor alter object spell effect and has a permanent Affect Normal Fire imbued within himself. He is able to sense other demonic or angelic weapons as well if they are nearby.

Marax, The Demon Wind

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