Xanthic, The Acid Spitter

Crystaliss' Acid Bow

weapon (ranged)

Xanthic, The Acid Spitter (Quench quiver Longbow)

Dragon Magazine 381 p41 Level 7+

Strung with a golden filament of a long dead dragon, this longbow arms itself with arrows of acid that can bowl over foes with soaking shots.

Level 7 +2 Level 22 +5
Level 12 +3 Level 27 +6
Level 17 +4

Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +2d6 damage per plus, or +2d10 damage per plus against unarmored creatures.
Property: You take no attack penalty when using this weapon underwater or in silt.
Property: This weapon does not require ammunition, although you can use it if you desire. The wielder forms an acid arrow by drawing the string. Unused arrows evaporate.
Property: The bow makes only the sound of a hiss when fired.
Property: Due to the nature of the acid arrows, they have an additional range of 25/50.
Acid Arrow (At-Will): Free Action. Any target hit takes 5 immediate and ongoing acid damage until a save ends the effect.

Level 12 10 ongoing acid damage Level 22 15 ongoing acid damage

Acid Push (Encounter): Free Action. Trigger: You hit with a ranged attack using this weapon. Effect: The target is pushed 2 squares and falls prone and suffers immediate and ongoing Acid Arrow damage until a save ends the effect.
Acid Blast (Encounter ◊ Area Burst 2 in Range): Minor Action. Ranged Basic Attack vs. Reflex. You fire an acid arrow at a target surrounded by others and catch them all in an explosive blast. Damage is +4d8 against all creatures in the area of effect. Each target suffers 5 ongoing acid damage until a save ends the effect.

Level 12 +5d8 extra acid damage 10 ongoing acid damage
Level 22 +6d8 extra acid damage 15 ongoing acid damage

Acid Resistance: The wielder gains a 5 resistance to all acid attacks.

Level 12 10 acid resistance Level 22 15 acid resistance

Crystaliss’ father gave the bow to her for defense of the survivors as well as to help her hunt to keep them alive. The bow never seemed to respond to her father and as such, the only properties he noticed was it’s unusual silence and extra distance it could fire. It wasn’t until Crystaliss was stalking prey when she was attacked by two Baazrag and she was out of arrows that the magical acid properties of the bow came to life and she realized the range of it’s capabilities.

Her father didn’t know where the bow came from, when he was young, he found it on a skeleton out in the desert and took it. He realized it was quite valuable due to the exotic look of the bow and worked on disguising it by wrapping colored swaths of cloth around it and often using tar to darken the golden sting, though the tar would always slowly vanish over time. The only marking on the bow is the name, Xanthic, carved in draconic around the grip of the bow.

Xanthic, The Acid Spitter

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