Entry 81

Got everything settled with the House today for the next 2 days of selling goods in the market. Reoth and Raz spoke with the Captain of the Guard, Zidane, about 3 of Reoth’s “Brothers” that had come to help with the rebellion against the Dragon King. They were informed that they were assigned to the series of crypts and catacombs that lie beneath Tyr to help take care of the zombie problem that was reported during the rebellion and never reported back in. We decided we would check out the Crypts later this evening and so went back to the farm to rest up and prepare.

A few hours later we went back to town and made our way into the crypt where we were promptly attacked by several risen skeletons. We destroyed them and moved on into the next section, where we got attacked again by a bunch of zombies. Elsha took two of them out with one mental hit alone. We cleaned them up and moved on into the main crypt chamber here on this side of town. Over near the set of double doors to exit the room we found the body of one of Reoths brothers. At that point we came in contact with an undead spirit. He demanded of us a bargain or a sacrifice of one of our party as a gift to him for further passage through the Crypts. We made a bargain to help him find a place on the surface that he and his people could roam.

From there we made our way further through the crypts with no more trouble from the undead. We came upon part of the under Tyr and encountered some problems with the locals, i.e. bugs. We took care of that problem. We did find Reoth’s last missing brother alive. We healed him and we all made it out of the crypts.

I headed straight to the market place to set up for the first day of selling. I greeted my fellow dune traders from House Aryan and we got to work despite my starting to feel tired.

And now here I am tonight, sweet dreams….

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Entry 81

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