Entry 82

I woke up feeling much better rested this morning and headed back into Tyr for the 2nd and final day in the market. It went by without incident and I made a tidy profit.

Today a lot has happened. Raz met with the Captain to see if he or the city would be interested in a new entertainment for the arena games; execution by Undead. The captain found it to be an interesting prospect and left it to Raz to figure out the semantics. Raz then met a dwarven blacksmith and made a deal to make some badges that the undead leader could imbue for guards that could take the undead back and forth from a resting place during the day to the arena at night for the new entertainment. I am not sure he has thought this through much but, I am willing to give him a hand and see what we can do. After all, I am very interested in being established in my own right for my house.

I did inquire of the Captain how the water was piped into the Golden City, and he informed me that there was a dwarf blacksmith in town that had some ancestral ties to the dwarfs that created the aqueduct system that the city runs the water in with. I will speak with him in the morn, when Raz goes back to visit him.

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Entry 82

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