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It wasn't always like this. Long ago in forgotten memory, Athas was a paradise.

Athas is a hot, arid planet covered with endless seas of dunes, lifeless salt flats, stony wastes, rocky badlands, thorny scrublands and worse. Temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees F. (38C) by midmorning and can reach 130 degrees F. (55C) or more by late afternoon. The wind is like the blast of a furnance, offering no relief from the oppressive heat. Dust and sand borne on the breeze coat everything with
a gritty yellow-organge silt.

Sand, rock, sun, burning heat - these are the only properties that Athas possesses in abundance. Water is scarce in the known regions of Athas, and those who control life-giving wells or springs jealously guard access to such riches. Metal is scarce
and most weapons and armors are made of bone, stone, wood and other such materials. Steel weapons and armors are almost priceless.

Cities and villages exist only in a few oases or verdant plains. City dwellers enjoy more security than do nomads or villagers living in the deserts. Great and terrible sorcerer-kings rule the city-states, each a long-lived tyrant who crushes dissent. For most people, life is a choice betwen struggling to survive in the wasted wilderness or trading freedom for the relative safety of the oppressive city-states.

This is the world known as the Dark Sun. The world is savage. Arcane magic Defiles it. The gods are silent and have been for longer than any can remember. Psionics exists amongst all beings. Fierce Monsters roam the world and that which you might have thought familiar isn't going to be at all what you can expect.

   This is the world that we now inhabit.

-Teachings of Alum, of the Black Mountain

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Campaign Updates
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Game Sessions Adventure Index
Session 14 Kings to Queens
Session 13 A New Home
Session 12 New Bargins
Session 11 The Long Way Home
Session 10 Booyah Achieved!
Session 9 The Ritual
Session 8 Should I Stay
Session 7 Wheels Within Wheels
FT 6.5 Have demon, will party.
Session 6 It’s Party Time
Session 5 Doing Nothing
Session 4 Under-Tyr
FT 3.5 Marax’s Random Summoning Musings
Session 3 and this Person is
Session 2 Nowhere to Run to Baby!
Session 1 Strange Meetings
Session 0 The Spirit Champions

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A FT is a forum thread that happens between sessions.

Dark Sun: Spirit Champions

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